legit epic

As one of the first persons to ship Daring and Rosabella (Darabella), I so happily welcome all you new people to the ship! I’m so happy to see so many people starting to like and ship this pair. Come! Let us all enjoy the wonderfulness that is this Beauty and the Beast! Let us adore them together with gifs, fanfics, fanart, etc.! <3

What I Want to See in Frozen 2
  • explanation on how Elsa got her powers
  • engaged!Kristanna ((or Kristoff planning to propose))
  • Hans returning but not as a villain ((also what happened to him after the first film))
  • Elsa ending up with nOBODY ((unless it’s another lady…in which case…))
  • a new villain / Elsa being the villain
  • ((representation))
  • Hans liking Elsa ((but it’s one-sided and she doesn’t like him back))
  • more of Anna and Elsa’s sibling relationship :-)
  • Kristoff’s backstory
  • explanation on every other plothole in the first film bc there’s legit so many
  • an epic battle sequence