legit crying at these photos


[HD] 160730 HYYH on Stage : Epilogue in Manila
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#BTSEpilogueInManila #PHARMY Fan Project.
The crowd spelled out  고마워.  사랑해.
I was legit trying my hardest not to cry. The boys were so beautiful.
Took a photo a photo of the 사랑해 side while holding a (고마워) board myself

This moment…
,where the boys stood there in shock as they all turned around to read the words…both silently to themselves and out loud
,where Hobi spent most of the alloted ‘closing ment’ time staring at us in disbelief. He looked so calm…taking it all in. Repeatedly exclaiming ‘woah’ silently as he shook his head. Smiling at us with a genuinely happy and thankful expression on his face…and evetually shooting hearts our way…

…was my favorite.

The moment felt unreal yet is so vivid in my memories.

화양연화 indeed.