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GOT 706: Anvils everywhere

Last night, I only had seen the first few clips leaked & read recaps. Now that I’ve seen all of it, I’m so excited bc my big takeaway was D&D dropping BIG pro Gendrya & pro Jonsa plot anvils.  I also see a Jaime becoming part of Team Queen Sansa which makes me happy.  TONS of thoughts on 706 & why I’m eager for S8.  My reasoning under the cut. Warning: 707 spoilers galore.

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Why am I crying over Andy and his son having matching bathing suits lol😭

Aww I know, it’s too cute how similar their swim trunks are. 😊

Also thanks @ my other anon I have seen them. I wasn’t ignoring you I’ve just been dicking around with my laptop for the past 4 hours trying to update it.

My Theory on BTS

So I just watched the second part of the Love Yourself highlight reel… and I got a theory. Now, this theory it’s not 100% foolproof, but it’s pretty legit if you ask me.

Okay, so what I think is that the “Love Yourself” highlight reel is their past and “I Need U” is what happened when the love of their life, the girls, left/died. “Run” was the start of the flashback or the beginning of the story… “Run” shows how close they were together

I’ll start off with Jungkook and the girl in his scene. So in the beginning of the reel, Jungkook was in the hospital, right? And so was the girl right? What if, Jungkook was a ”bad boy” before he met her, which explains why he was in the hospital.

 Because of her, he stopped fighting and changed his life. Jungkook got discharged while she was still at the hospital to treat whatever she needed. When she died from whatever the reason was for her to be in the hospital, he became upset and depressed. 

So that night, he went out and stuff. Remember how he got beat up by those guys in “I Need U”? Maybe, that’s the way he wants to leave…

Now, Jin and the girl in his scene. Remeber the white flowers that he had in “I Need U”? And how he was lighting them on fire? Those flowers were the exact ones from the reel, when he was getting ready for a date or something. 

Those flowers reminded him of her, so he burned them. Remeber the scene from “I Need U” where the flower was on his shirt, where his heart is supposed to be? That represents that she will always be in his heart. 

Now, V and his the girl that attempted to steal things from the convenience store. Remember in “I Need U” V killed his father with the glass? And how the girl from the reel was stealing things? 

Maybe, something happened to her mom and dad like him leaving with all their money, which caused her to start stealing things for food and stuff. And maybe she was extremely stressed out with trying to raise her mother and her dad keeps coming back for more money, she killed herself.

Since she was V’s love of his life, he got extremely upset and made developed a trauma or something, which probably leads to him killing his dad when he saw his parents fighting. Because of the guilt of killing his dad, he jumped off the cliff…

Now, Jimin, J-Hope, and the girl. Jimin liked J-Hope’s girlfriend, right? Later on, Jhope found out or something and they both got in a fight, which ruined their relationship. Remeber jimin burning the picture? Maybe, it’s because he doesn’t want to remember that and forget everything and just leave, aka die. 

J-Hope fell into depression after finding out that one of his best friends likes his girlfriend, so he wanted to kill himself with pills. The pillow fight between those two in “Run” shows how close they were.



Now, Suga and his girl with the lighter and lollipop. Remember in “I Need U” how Suga was trying to burn himself? And in the reel, the girl has his lighter? She died in a fire accident caused by his lighter, which makes him think it’s his fault or something.

He wanted to die too so he could see her again or something, which explains why he was lighting the room on fire. And since the girl died in the fire at the same place in the reel, that explains why he was in a hotel room instead of their old room. 

Last but not least, Rap Monster and his girl. What if, he was the only one who was trying to save them, that explains why he wasn’t trying to kill himself. Remember the girl from the reel? What if she works at the convince store that he was pumping gas at.

That explains why he works there. So Rap Mon was trying to help the guys get out of their depression.

In the end of  “I Need U”, they were all together by a camp fire, right? That might mean that they have gotten over their depression and  J-Hope and Jimin made up. But it’s going to be their last night that’s why they made up…? So basically, in the end, they all died except for Rap Mon.

Remember that one meme or whatever, where it was talking about why Rap Mon wasn’t at a bus stop? That’s because that bus stop leads to heaven and Rap Mon’s not at the bus stop because he’s still alive… I’ll let that settle in…

The song is also called “I Need U” too. Here are some lyrics that might help support my theory

I need you girl
Why am I in love alone, why am I hurting alone
I need you girl
Why do I keep needing you when I know I’ll get hurt?

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Yo i have a customer that looks like grrm.... ive legit asked if he had a clue as to how it ends and he came to me with an 'i know as much as jon snow😉' and everytime he passes my section he gives me a wave and a wink lmao

Oh my gosh lol that’s perfect

Circumcision rant.

I am against circumcision. It’s unnecessary.

But I do think I only opened my eyes because of Jack. So I also don’t really judge people for doing it at birth.

But here is my drama.

Someone I know has a son who (for some reason I don’t remember) couldn’t get circumcised at birth. So now he is 9 months old tomorrow and getting circumcised today. Like first of all, I am against this. His whole life you have left him alone, so just don’t do it?

Anyways, not my kid. So I have opinions but I would never say it to them because they don’t ask.

But she is legit asking for prayers for him?! BITCH IF YOU ARE WORRIED DON’T FUCKING DO IT!!!! IT’S AN ELECTIVE COSMETIC SURGERY!!!!!!!!

Anyways that is blowing my fucking mind. And I needed to get it off my chest.

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I feel like you should make it clear that 'breeder' is a terrible term, because you've said nothing about it that is negative.

I’ve legit answered like three asks saying I hate the term and think it’s gross wtf

Useless Things I Know About Scooby-Doo: The Original Series That Are Actually Canon:

1. Shaggy Rogers is a vegetarian

2: Shaggy was called “Buzz” until his 10th birthday

3: Shaggy has a collection of 653 decorator belt buckles and he wears a different buckle every episode, you just can’t see it

4: Shaggy started collecting belt buckles to combat his Scooby-Snack addiction related weight problems

5: Shaggy’s actual name is Norville

6: Shaggy found the Mystery Machine

7: Shaggy is a talented gymnast

8: Daphne wanted to be a supermodel or detective when she grew up

9: Daphne gets straight A’s in school

10: Daphne regularly loses dates because she leaves them to solve mysteries

11: Daphne’s Dad, George Blake, gave the gang a 100 dollar check to get started 

12: Velma came up with the phrase “Jinkes” on the fly

13: Velma used to say “oh my” before she said Jinkes

14: Velma’s has hundreds of awards for outstanding achievements in school

15: Fred is a bass and sings from the opera Showboat when the team gets scared

16: Fred’s nickname is “Pickles” according to his school yearbook

17: Fred traveled with a performance crew as an actor before deciding to be a detective

18: Fred wants to be a mystery writer

19: Scooby’s full name is Scoobert Doo

20: Scooby Doo has a limited number of phrases he can say and has to act out anything that can’t be explained simply

21: The gang thought Scooby’s speaking was strange at first, but decided it “really wasn’t a big deal”

22: Before they had the Mystery Machine the gang used to pay their parents gas money to drive them around

BONUS: The series was supposed to be about a band who went around solving mysteries, but that completely changed when Scooby-Doo got added to the cast and became the title character

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Lance wakes up to Keith hesitantly petting his hair one morning, realizing he fell asleep talking to keith after a shower and now his someday boyfriend is starry eyed about how gorgeous he is with curly hair. Keith flushing when he realizes Lance is awake and trying to pretend he wasn't coppin a feel of those soft curls

this doodle doesnt measure up to this adorable prompt,, it was so cute omg im sorry

  • Hufflepuff: Okay, when do you want me to wake you up?
  • Ravenclaw: Never.
  • Hufflepuff: We have the final for Charms tomorrow.
  • Ravenclaw: I know.
  • Hufflepuff: So, when should I wake you?
  • Ravenclaw: I asked Flitwick if I'd pass if I just didn't show up for the test, and he said I'd get an "A" in the class.
  • Hufflepuff: So, you're giving up your "O" in the class just so you don't have to get up tomorrow?
  • Ravenclaw: Yup.
slavic mythology asks
  • Perun: the sky tears open with thunder - are you scared or are you one with the storm?
  • Veles: someone breaks a promise that meant everything to you - what do you do?
  • Jarilo: the spring came and with it the memories - which spring do you remember best and why?
  • Morana: the time of your death has come but you are given a choice - how do you want to go?
  • Mokosh: a plant grows on your grave after you die, carrying a piece of your soul - what plant would it be?
  • Svarog: summer's sun burns your skin and breaks your heart - which summer do you regret the most?
  • Zorja Utrennjaja: you open your eyes to the delicate light of dawn - what is the first thing you think about?
  • Zorja Vechernjaja: the sky is dark and the air sweet - what pleasure do you long for?
  • Leshy: you walk through a forest filled with whispers and hungry eyes - do you stray from the path?
  • Baba Yaga: the night is heavy and bitter - what is the worst nightmare you ever had?
  • Topielec: you wade in water on a quiet evening - is it a lake, a river, or maybe sea?
  • Żmij: you see before you a creature of hundred eyes and sly smiles - do you banish it or befriend it?

I never told you but over countless years you have m e a n t  s o  m u c h to me. You have been a r e d e e m e r, a c o n f i d a n t, a m e n t o r, a r i v a l and a f r i e n d. And at times, yes, you’ve been a royal pain in the ass […] I’m so sorry, m y  b r o t h e r

Tomorrow is SDCC, please for the love of god, everyone respect Cosplayers, the staff, the vld staff, and more importantly the VAs. Also make sure you ask legit questions and not waste them on ship questions or AUs. Because you literally get 1 out of million chance to know more stuff about the show and you waste it on a ship related question or AU that doesn’t pretain to whats actually in the show or canon.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“We are the blood–we flow smoothly and circulate oxygen so that the brain can function at its best.” 

Please do not repost gifs

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I need tips on how to draw a mer-tail because I wanna draw siren!danny SO bad but I don't wanna fuck it up

Hey man this is a shit ass tutorial but like I hoped this helped??? lmao

note: just use references my dude, its always better to physically see what youre trying to recreate.

ALSO when i say that the “legs still exist” i mean that you gotta imagine its just someone wearing a fake mermaid tail?? its like hella confusing to put into words, sorry omg