legislating the uterus

anonymous asked:

Ya i have a question uhhhhhhh what the fuck Even if you don't like trans people, if they're passing they're affected by sexism

God it’s like you people don’t even try to read our blogs or understand anything before giving us dumb anon questions. 

I didn’t say I don’t like trans people, or that none of them experience sexism. Trans women are not affected by sexism because they are male, the historically, politically, socially, and economically more privileged class. Trans men are affected because they are female. Even if either pass. 

I don’t care how good a trans womans makeup and hair and implants and tucking are, they are still not having their uterus legislated by old white men, they still aren’t the main targets of rape, sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, female infanticide. They still didn’t grow up terrified of their periods/scared of being humiliated by getting them in the middle of grade school. Or having sex because they feel like their vagina will be ripped open and it will be painful. They didn’t get socialized as a girl, they didn’t get pink pepper spray for Christmas or get hit on by old men as 11 year old girls and get told that their purpose in life is to give their fathers grandchildren and to get married and take her husbands name. 

Women aren’t oppressed because we’re ‘feminine’ or whatever, we’re oppressed because we’re female.