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I'm sorry about the outcome of the election, Emma. I am sure that many people must feel a sense of betrayal towards a lot of their family/friends/neighbours etc who voted for Trump/third party, and are feeling lost and overwhelmed. I am not American so could you please tell me a bit about why Pence is so dangerous?

Ah, let’s see. Here are some fun facts about our next VP.

  • Pence advocated for conversion therapy, a practice that seeks to “change a person’s sexual orientation from gay to straight.” (x)
  • In 2015, Pence signed the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” a bill that made it legal for business or religious institutions to discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals by asserting their “religious freedom.” (x)
  • Pence wants Roe vs. Wade (the Supreme Court decision that protects abortion) to be “sent to the ash heap of history.” (x)
  • In Congress, Pence has repeatedly sponsored legislation to give “personhood” rights to fertilized eggs, which would ban all abortions and possibly some forms of contraception. (x)
  • In 2007, Pence was the first member of Congress to introduce legislation to defund Planned Parenthood - this set off a trend that continues to this day and has gutted access to contraception, STI screening, and other basic health services, as well as abortion. (x)
  • After Pence cut funding for a rural Planned Parenthood, which was the only HIV testing center in Scott County, Indiana, it was forced to close its doors in 2013 and two years later, that county became the epicenter of an HIV outbreak (x/x).
  • Pence sponsored other extreme anti-abortion bills while in Congress, including one that would have that would have allowed Catholic hospitals to deny abortion even to pregnant women who would die without it. (x/x)
  • Pence signed every bill restricting reproductive health in Indiana that crossed his desk. (x)
  • Pence agrees with Trump’s plan to profile immigrants. (x)
  • Pence issued a discriminatory order barring Syrian refugee settlements in Indiana, which a judge ruled “clearly discriminates against Syrian refugees based on their national origin.” (x)
  • In 2014, Pence suggested that climate change being man-made isn’t a “resolved issue” in science. He also said in 2009 that science is “mixed” on the issue of global warming. (x)
  • In 2014, Pence overturned an energy efficiency program enacted by his predecessor, despite that fact that the Indiana Public Utility Commission estimated the program would create more than 18,600 jobs. (x)
  • While in Congress, Pence voted to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases and voted in favor of opening the Atlantic to offshore oil drilling. (x)
  • Pence has worked to build opposition toward the minimum wage. (x)
  • Pence has passed legislation that supports mass incarceration. (x)
  • Pence enacted harsh sentences for drug offenses, despite the fact that Indiana legal groups opposed the legislation. (x)
  • Pence believes that more gun ownership makes communities safer. (x)

And this isn’t even everything, but it should give you a good idea of why people should be very frightened of Mike Pence. Trump is absolutely despicable, don’t get me wrong, but Pence has a long track record of successfully pushing awful, discriminatory, and regressive policies. He also just holds a lot of terrible views in general, so we definitely wouldn’t want him as our president either.

......Did you get it in writing?

I used to work as Medic in the Canadian oil patch, good job for the most part as it pays more and is less stressful than ground ambulance. I did a few years responding to 911 calls then took some time off to live in New Zealand. When I came back to Canada I was strapped for cash and looking to get back to work quickly so I took a job with the first company that called me back.

Interview goes well, I get a start date, a daily wage rate and for the time couldn’t be happier.

Doing this job was apiece of cake, basically it involves sitting in a truck with a MTC ( mobile treatment center) stuffed in the box, think pick up truck with camper. Mostly the reason medical staff is required has to do with OHS legislation. If you are x amount of time from hospital and doing “high risk” work you need dedicated EMS .

I spent 20 days away from home at this remote work site where they were fracking gas wells and by the 20th day couldn’t wait to get home, I was excited to get my first real pay check in nearly a year and planning on first paying off some bills and then getting blackout drunk.

This is where sh*t went sideways on me - I tore open the mail box like a child on Christmas morning, grabbing my check I headed down to the bank. Opening the letter I froze, wtf? I’m missing over 1,000 $ - a cursory glance at my attached paystub revealed I was getting paid 75$ per day less than I expected. “Okay” I think to myself “must be a mistake, i’m sure they’ll rectify it for me”.

The next day I went down to the office and met with Asshat manager and a few other office people. We sat down and talked it over and I asked if it was a mistake and when could I be expecting the rest of my pay. AM looked at me squarely and said “ you won’t be getting that extra money, I HAVE discussed it with the rest of management and WE have agreed no one told you that you would be getting 400 $ / day. We only pay 325$ to start” “Well i’m not saying you all told me I would start at 400$. You AM told me I would get 400 the day you hired me”

He always had this creepy little smirk on his face and I began to understand the underlying reason( kinda looked like the “ Pedo smile”)
Smirking at me he began “ why would I start you at the top wage? We’d have no where to go, you wouldn’t ever be able to get a raise and that wouldn’t be fair now would it? ” I replied “ that doesn’t bother me, besides YOU told me I would get 400$” With that smirk still plastered across his face he said “ I don’t remember that, did you get it in writing? ” At this point I knew he got one over on me and while internally livid I tried not to betray any emotion. “ No I guess I didn’t ” AM- “ well there you go, so let’s get this settled while you are here, you’ll get 325$ as a day rate and we’re all in agreement. Is that okay? Can you live on that? ” I agreed without too much fanfare and left wordlessley cursing him and his progeny down the generations.

I start looking for jobs immediately as i’m not about to continue working for that a**hole if I don’t have to but remembering at the same time i’m not suited for unemployment. 3 days into my scheduled 10 off I get a call from AM “ Hi AstaKask, can you work tomorrow? I’ve got a job and our medic is sick, it’s really important, they’re doing a large gas frac in the morning” “Sure” I says. “Great, you’ll have to come by tonight and grab a truck, I won’t be there so i'l give you the gate code to the yard and leave the keys in the gas cap”. “ you need to drive out to site tonight and be there for the 6am start” “You bet boss” I said barely keeping my voice even. At this point I decided to say “f*ck it unemployment isn’t all that bad”

Fast forward to 7am the next day. The phone call I was expecting from AM arrives “ WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU!??” “ what do you mean? ” “You NEEDED to be at the jobsite for 6am! I just got a call from the oil company! WHERE the f*ck are you!!? ” “ i’m at home ” “ WHAT!? You were going on this Job, we talked last night!! ” “ Hmmm, I don’t remember this…. did you get it in writing? ” I promptly hung up and then turned my phone off.
Now they couldn’t start that job and it was my company’s fault. If you know anything about fracking it’s Hella expensive and they ended up having to pay for all the labor costs during the delay. I got threats of legal action and such so I know it cost them THOUSANDS. I hope it was worth it. I don’t burn my bridges, I take off and nuke them from orbit… it’s the only way to make sure.

It’s been almost 8 years, that company eventually folded and nothing ever came of their saber rattling . I still get a good chuckle when I imagine that a**hole going red in the face.

TLDR; company didn’t pay me what I deserved and it ended costing them thousands more.