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The Bravely Default  Characters wearing the opposite gender asterisk.
Eternian Sky Knights
Khamer and Profiteur Merchantry
Blood Rose Legion
Black Blades
Council of six


Haunted mansion- closed with trinkuh

Legion gulped as he looked at the old house. He was to,d something was in there that he needed for his house but he wasn’t looking forward to going inside this creepy place. It was dark and the moon was full, giving it the full scary factor. “Just a house” he sighed as he walked towards it.

He slowly opened the door with a loud creaking sound, walking inside. “No ones home” he whispered. Suddenly the door slammed behind him, making him jump


multi-game mass effect spoilers

okay so i love that shepard’s reasoning for letting the rachni queen go is that she can’t condemn an entire race to extinction for the actions of their ancestors

i appreciate the pure logic behind it, for all that it’s the ‘nice’ choice and it’s the ‘merciful’ choice, as if niceness and mercy exist ion a vacuum or that they’re not logical. but shepard can’t know what damning an entire race will do, and they’re just one person, and so shepard chooses mercy over distrust.

but i also appreciate it for its resonance with later characters

let’s fast-forward to the geth. let’s fast-forward to rannoch and legion and actually discussing the morning war. the geth let the quarians escape. i repeat: the geth let their creators go. legion says it’s because they couldn’t know what would have happened if they’d eradicated an entire species. still learning, still growing, barely more than children, and the geth chose mercy.

this is why legion is such an important character. this is why they are pivotal to understanding the geth/quarian conflict as an outsider. shepard understands legion, empathizes with their mercy, with their logic.