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HH/40k Lore Question

Question for those out there who write/draw/hobby/play/etc lady Astartes: I was wondering what your lore method of inclusion was? I’m doing up some fluff for Project Branwen and was looking for a timeline that would work best. So far I’ve got three methods, but feel free to contribute your own canon here:

1. AFTER ISTVAAN V (Specific to my Raven Guard HH fluff idea): Following the Dropsite Massacre, Corax took the survivors to Terra, where the Emperor provided him with the genetic data from the Primarch Project. With the scope of information on the Astartes Induction Process greatly expanded, Corax and his surviving apothecaries (And that one Magos Biologis) were able to unlock the process for both biological sexes. Corax saw no reason to deny himself an entire pool of potential recruits when trying to rebuild his legion for the fight against The Warmaster, and recruiting began immediately. The project was named for its’ first successful aspirant, Branwen (See great art by @sisterofsilence HERE).
(Note: This information could have potentially been stolen by the Alpha Legion or shared with the other Dropsite Massacre Survivors, allowing for its use to be expanded to all legions in time).

2. GREAT CRUSADE: In order to fill the demand of Astartes needed for the Great Crusade (And perhaps at the suggestion of a certain Sigilite), The Emperor did SCIENCE THINGS to further developed the Induction Process to include women.

3. IT’S JUST THERE: It’s always been a thing since the creation of the Astartes Project - why deny your army the inductees simply because NOT MAN?

4. OTHER: Post Heresy? Cursed Founding? Fabius Bile (Fabulous Bill) Genetic Experiments? 

Thoughts? I’d like to hear your takes on this.

Unfinished Project: The DC Animated Multiverse.

This was a project I started about a year or so ago and I had nearly lost when my computer hard drive died. Sadly I never went back to it and even now I just get the urge to redo it after spotting some things that nag me.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Incoming text wall, I usually never plan out a piece. I kinda just sit down and start drawing and what happens happens. But in class our teacher made us think and plan out how we want things to look and how to put them together in a organized manner.

The top one is the original final sketch. The second is one of many quick marker value comps we did to figure out lighting. Then finally the third one is my first ever completed marker drawing with some colored pencil on top. Another medium I haven’t used since I was 8 and still drawing the sun with glasses in the left corner of the page.

As for the last one I wasn’t all to pleased with how the sky turned out in the first final. So I copied the value image onto a different colored paper. This time i’m just going to try coloring with markers. Also copiers save lives, I have a copy of that gray value drawing that I can now forever copy and then overlay with color over and over. No need to redraw the whole thing.

Tomorrow i’m going to be getting myself some markers and colored pencils and set to work learning them. They are the fastest way to composition something onto paper in terms of value and color both things I need to get better at. So expect some pretty experimental stuff in the coming days.

5 Day Art Challenge, Day 2
I have been nominated by artist/friend Sean Galloway for the ‪#‎5dayartchallenge‬ of original artwork. Each day I will post three works of original art and will also nominate another artist to do the same.
Next up, my big break at at DC Comics. After I worked for Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios, I moved on to score some work at DC Comics in 1997. I started with some small Legion of Superheroes projects. But all the while I was one of five artists considered for the new Young Justice series (originally titled Justice League Jr.)
I owe a huge thanks to my editor, Eddie Berganza, who took a chance on me over all the other artists considered to draw this series. It was an an honor working with Eddie, Peter David, Lary Stucker, Ken Lopez, Tom McCraw and so many others that contributed to our 5 year series. I loved working on this book and all the characters involved.
I nominate my fellow Impulse illustrator and friend, Carlo Barberi for the #5dayartchallenge!