legion of three worlds

How did they react to Anduin becoming the king?

For @vixvizus. Legion spoiler: Varian also dies. But since  Stormwind is a monarchy, his son has to take the place as the King of Stormwind, whether he likes it or not. (Here is the following Warchief Sylvanas and here The Epilogue to both lists)

Ghost Varian: Anduin as king? Over my dead cold body!

Anduin: DAD!
Ghost Varian: What? I can make that joke, since it’s about, you know, me.
Be so kind and do it somewhere I can’t hear it…
Anduin: (Mumbles) I don’t want to be a king.

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: Okay, maybe we can, I don’t kin… Lend him a manual?
Moira: What manual?
Falstad: Muradin means How to Rule Yer Kingdom, Handy Manual for Beginers. Ya know, that lil’ book…
Moira: Should I be bothered we have such a thingy?
Muradin: Ya should be more bothered that it’s ex libris Magni…

Tyrande: I give King Anduin my sincere condolences just as well as my congratulations. While it may seem harsh to say, I do believe he becoming the king is a change to better.

Mekkatorque: Well, not like anything is going to change much for us Gnomes. Maybe I just won’t have to start every diplomatic conversation with him “Hey, down here.”

Velen: While loss of King Varian is very tragic for everybody, I think that Anduin is the best leader his people could seek. It is important for the leader to be in touch with the Light… Or… Well, other spiritual entities.

Genn: Those fuckers killed Varian? What the hell? I swear the Gilnean forces are going to crush the Legion! I mean, we don’t stand much chance now, Anduin is too young to be a king. He should leave it all up to me and the Dwarves, and do something safe, like… Read a book or pray.

Tess: I give it a month before my father realizes that neither me nor Anduin are married… (Heavy sigh)

Aysa: Good gods, I don’t know… Are congratulations in place? Should I offer him mental support over his dad? Oh well, I just play some Jihui with him, that should do both.

Thrall: Pragmatical part of me says, that we are once again closer to the peace with the Alliance. However, I know how hard it is to become a leader in such a young age and how pressing the feeling of being responsible is… I think that Anduin will do well, but he should surround himself by friends, just not to be alone.

Vol'jin: I do not really thin’ dere be much change happenin’. But I actually couldn’t care less. Since I am, ye know, dead.

Spirit of Vol’jin: High-five?
Ghost Varian: (High-fives Spirit of Vol’jin)

Baine: In case Thrall is serious about that friend thing… Maybe I should visit Anduin in Stormwind… Just in case. And learn Jihui, because I will most likely run into Aysa there.

Sylvanas: (Furiously waves “Go Anduin!”  banner while wearing Stormwind tabard with “Anduin for King″ written on it)

Genn: You are either super supportive or super sarcastic. I can’t decide.
Sylvanas: (Blows party blower in Genn’s face) Doooooooot!

Lor'themar: Does Anduin drink? I could advise him how to manage drinking and ruling a kingdom of idiots at the same time. I am an expert in this field, if only I do say so myself.

Gallywix: Oh wait! I have a sign just for this occasion! (Pulls out a sign “I don’t give a fuck”)

Gallywix: I also have a sign that says “Sarcasm” in case you want it, Your Highness Greymane.
Genn: Why would I want such a stupid thing?
Sylvanas: Dooooooot!
Genn: Okay, how much?

Ji: I think I’ll just go to the Undercity and prevent Sylvanas from making “The King is dead, Long live the King” banners from happening. And then I’ll go to Stormwind and bring tea, so Aysa and Anduin and Baine can drink some good tea while playing.

Bolvar: Great, so I decide to sit on this freezing chair no longer and I have to calm down Anduin’s mental breakdown the first time I see him since Northrend. Great, really.

Kel’thuzad: You know, bringing his father back is always an option. I could easily arrange that. No problem at all.
Sylvanas: Doooooooot! Doooooooot!
Muradin: (Searching for the manual)
Bolvar: (Violence on Kel’thuzad)
Anduin: Lord Regent Theron… Is your offer still a thing?
Lor’themar: (Watches as Genn hits Sylvanas with the “Sarcasm” sign) Well, yes. Yes, I suppose.


Something I really like about Forge World’s three Alpha Legion characters is how they embody the different aspects of their legion and primarch alike.  Not just in their fluff and appearance, but in their mechanics.

Autilon Skorr (top) is a Consul-Delegatus, meaning he’s an officer basically handed the keys to a big chunk of the Legion and told “go get shit done.”  He has Leadership 10 and gets to choose his Warlord trait.  In other words, like the Alpha Legion as a whole, he’s both flexible enough to adapt to a situation and capable of retaining control of his forces throughout.

Armillus Dynat (bottom left) is more of an up close and personal type.  As Harrowmaster of the Alpha Legion, he grants infantry and dreadnoughts in the enemy deployment zone re-rolls on Sweeping Advance and +1 to vehicle damage rolls.  He also gets to pick an infantry unit and give it Deep Strike, with the ability to re-roll its scatter die upon arrival.  Put it all together and he embodies the old-school Alpha Legion ability to bullrush a foe and attack from multiple angles to tear them apart.

Exodus (bottom right) is a sniper who, on a 4+ to hit, gets to choose what model in a unit he’s shot (so long as he can see it).  He’s even got a weapon with multiple firing modes, either a rapid shot for attacking multple foes or an execution shot for picking off HQs.  Execution shot even has the Lethal trait, causing two wounds for an unsaved hit.  He showcases the Alpha Legion’s ability to compete with groups like the Imperial Assassins in sudden decapitation strikes and cheap shots.

How did they react to Sylvanas becoming the Warchief?

For @vixvizus. Legion spoiler: Vol’jin (still) dies. And with his dying breath he names Sylvanas the Warchief of the Horde. (Here is for King Anduin. Here is the Epilogue)

Anduin: (Dressed in the Undercity tabard, waving a little flag that says “Go Sylvanas!) Erm… Hooray?

Ghost Varian: My son, care to explain?
Well, she was quite supportive of me to become the king…
Ghost Varian:
She was most likely sarcastic.
Maybe I am too??

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: Congratulations and all, but… You know, it’s Sylvanas.
Moira: Why not have Thrall back? Thrall was cool…
Falstad: So, we have another war against the Undead? Wait fer me to fetch me ma’ hammer!

Tyrande: I will just sit here and pretend it’s not happening. Alright?

Mekkatorque: I don’t really care, it will not be our problem, whatever happens.

Genn: What if she decides to take Gnomeregan by force? What will you do then, huh!
Mekkatorque: (Wide insane smile) Well, she better have her corpses radiation proof.
Muradin: Wait, you are going to irradiate that place again? Don’t you remember what happened the last time?
Mekkatorque: What do you mean again? We just walk around in chemical protection suits. I’d bet the Undead don’t have that.

Velen: On the bright side, she is the… Civilizated part of the Horde. If something goes awry, we could negotiate with her.

Genn: Okay, that’s it. Worgens are going to live in a completely different world now.

Tyrande: Like where?
Genn: Past Draenor is still a thing, isn’t it?
Thrall: Don’t you dare!

Aysa: I don’t know why are you all so harsh and mean! Lady Windrunner is a fine woman. Kind of creepy, yes, and she can be kind of… Reckless and cruel, but maybe the position is going to change her!

Genn: Like it changed Garrosh you mean?
Aysa: Why are you so biassed?
Genn: She killed MY SON!

Thrall: Sylvanas is a good person at the right place. I believe she will lead the Horde with honor and glory.

Agqra: I think I get that problem with you. You are a bad judge of characters, because you only see their good sides. And you don’t admit it.
Thrall: What makes you think so?
Aggra: (Thinks about everything Thrall had done in past) Just a wild guess.

Spirit of Vol'jin: Da Loas told ma’ to do so. I be knowin’ dat da ways o’ da Loas are beyon’ mah understandin’, but dis time I ha’e to ask: “Wut da fuck?”

Gallywix: It was you who gave her that position…
Spirit of Vol’jin: Ya don’t question da Loas.
Gallywix: Still, you could say no to them. You don’t always stick to rules.
Spirit of Vol’jin: Ya don’t question da Loas.

Baine: Eh… Whatever. Congrats to that lass. She can’t screw it up worse than it was already.

Falstad: Well, you’d be surprised. She can.
Have you been to Northrend? Have you seen the Vengeance Hand? She can screw up sooooo hard.

Sylvanas: (Still in the Stormwind tabard. Blows the party blower) Doooooot!

Lor'themar: Well, congratulations! I am very happy to see you on the top, where you belong, Cap- Lady Windrunner. who knows, maybe with you in charge, the Blood Elves start to be relevant again!

Sylvanas: Dooooot!
Lor’themar: Up to celebration? Sounds good to me!
Thrall: I think this is the first time I see Lord Theron happy. It creeps the green out of me…

Gallywix: Warchief… Warchiefess… Erm, no, no. Dark Lady, yeah that’s better. So, Dark Lady, I have some hot engines I thought you’d be interested in seeing, so what do yo-

Sylvanas: Dooooot!
Gallywix: Alright, alright, simple ‘No’ would do. No need to blow me this thing in my face.

Ji: I actually thinks that Sylvanas needs right now a good hug…

Ji: Not that I like that idea. I am not hugging her. I just think she needs it…

Ghost Garrosh: I hate to be the one who says this, but it’s actually quite a strategic move from Vol’jin. Despite I hate that damned troll weirdo, he obviously has some brain he uses. No, really. Windrunner needs to be kept in line to not do something terrible, like spread the Plague. And now she is in command of the Horde which knows it can rebel against its leader.

Spirit of Vol’jin: … I’ve just realized a thin’
Ghost Garrosh: What? You didn’t do that all on purpose and now see it only as I pointed it out?
Spirit of Vol’jin: Nah. I’m dead now…
Ghost Garrosh: That’s something the Pandarens call ‘Karma’.
Spirit of Vol’jin: Yea, but I be stuck here wit’ ya.
Ghost Garrosh: Argh!