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Mon-El Season 3 Speculation - War World

I have read a lot of theories about the Legions, because the Legion ring was referenced this season just like Cadmus was name dropped during season 1, but War World was referenced twice, once by Mon-El (When he gave Supergirl advise on how to fight Draga in the alien fight club episode) and by Superman in the finale. My reasons for why that wormhole only helped him travel through space to Warworld instead of the 31st century:

1. The pace of his Hero’s Journey

One big mistake all of us have been making in our speculations is our own impatience to see Mon-El in a suit stopping us from seeing that the writers are really going to town with this arc. 

An entire season has passed and during the finale Mon-El finally had his hero moment, where he chose the well being of the people of Earth over his life, his family, his people and his love for Kara. That is him barely getting to a quater of his hero’s journey, moving from the known world to the unknown world after making a selfless sacrificial heroic decision on his own accord when he told Kara to push the button.

He is just beginning to become grow into the hero he is meant to be.

2. The patience that Legion storyline requires

I understand the desire for all of this to fast forward and Mon-El to be an already established superhero in the beginning of next season, magically pushing through most of his arc during the haitus offscreen in the 31st century with the Legions but that is weak storytelling, making his position as a superhero unearned. They didn’t start from the opposite of superhero, that annoys some viewers to not slowly make him the hero worthy of the cape. The audience doesn’t love people with fighting skills, super powers and costumes, the audience falls in love with the hero inside the suit and what they stand for.

I understand that the Legions are a huge part of the Super universe, which is why I feel that Legion characters will be slowly introduced into Supergirl’s universe, in the 21st century, instead of introducing the squad all at once in the 31st century.

3. Slavery storyline - Gladiator Mon-El?

Daxam didn’t have slavery in the comics and that story was introduced in the show for a purpose and I doubt that it was just for a few dialogues in one season. Season 1 of Game of Thrones, Danarys had slaves and we witnessed her dislike for it even though the people in her life promoted it. She later rescued slaves and fought oppressors, only to realise that it did no good. Six seasons in and Game of Thrones is still tackling the issue. It’s a great way to educate people on the complexities of slavery and how it still haunts our society. How did supergirl handle it: 

  • This season Mon-El found himself on Slaver’s moon, confronting the past he wanted to escape.
  • Freed slaves on Slaver’s Moon on Kara, that being the thing that motivated him to become a hero.
  • He discloses that “There were many things on Daxam I didn’t agree with.” when asked about Slavery.
  • Advocated freedom and equal rights to his parents right before they put him in a cell.
  • Fought the invasion against his own people to protect the people of Earth from being enslaved by Daxamites.

The last time he was on Warworld, he was visiting as royalty, this time around he is a traitor according to the Daxamite people who could have sold him/offered him for revenge. A very logical next move for this story-line would be for Mon-El to find himself on the other end of the chains, to truly harness his belief against the practice, to give him his own agenda and to explore another aspect of the issue. It could be very powerful if done right.

Not only would a Gladiator like storyline of Mon-El being pulled into Warworld be totally awesome and make for epic fight scenes but it could improve his fighting skills immensely, break him as a character to be rebuilt into a hero, put him in a desperate position for new powers to manifest, and most importantly there will be a pressing reason for him to be pulled out of this storyline, a motivation for Mon-El and Team Super.

4. How villains are tied to heroes moving in space 

This has been Supergirl’s signature move, Supergirl’s pod is pulled out of the Phantom Zone and Fort Rozz is pulled along with it giving us season 1 plot and then Mon-El finds his way out of the well of stars, his distress signal to Daxam taking season 2 to an end, with Cadmus only serving as a plot device instead of the Big Bad. 

Where ever Mon-El was pulled into in space this finale is going to be closely tied to the villain next season. 

  • Maybe the evil baby that left Krypton, good speculation of it being Reign, landed on Warworld instead of Earth and Mon-El was it’s replacement for a superpowered warrior. 
  • Maybe this is Daxam’s revenge, putting Reign in Supergirl’s path in exchange for Mon-El on Warworld, a win win situation for Daxamites after the invasion. 
  • Reign could also find out about the Kryptonians through Mon-El on Warworld
  • Or maybe the big bad for the second half of the season will be whoever followed Mon-El from Warworld to Earth. 

5. Warworld - Perfect Crossover Venue

All said and done, I feel like Warworld is a pretty awesome planet for the show to explore and I would love to see some action going on in two parallel storylines the beginning of next season of Supergirl, Gladiator Mon-El on Warworld and Supergirl fighting Reign on Earth, both characters developing separately for the first half of the season before Karamel is reunited. Not to mention that Warworld is the perfect venue for next year’s four way crossover to take place, it could be this insane large scale fight against skilled fighters. 

Thoughts speculation Fam?

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Mon-El/Legion Thoughts

I need to think out loud here for a minute. I’m trying to wrap my head around all of the possibilities and theories for how this could go down.

Okay, I am going with the theory that Mon-El got sucked either into the 21st century by the Legion of Superheroes, OR he got sucked into the Phantom Zone for a time and then was rescued by the Legion. Either way, I think he ends up in the 31st century with the Legion and Braniac 5, inventor of the anti-lead serum and the flight rings.

Based on the foreshadowing “I’m going to be the man you thought I could be,” I also predict that next time Kara sees Mon-El he will be Valor. He will already be a developed, experienced, superhero. I think he will be in costume with Kara’s “S” over his heart, to fulfill the promise that “you’ll be in my heart.” He’ll still have the necklace, which I think has some sort of power, property, or and/or tech, and will return it to Kara.

I also predict that Mon-El’s suit will be made by Winn and include his red shirt that he was wearing when he landed on Earth. I don’t yet know how it gets to him, but I would be disappointed if that were not the case.

And you all know I would love for Kara to give him his flight ring but I don’t know if that is going to be how it goes since he is going to the legion. He may get it there. Or could he get it from Future!Kara?

So the question would be, how would Mon-El survive in the 31st century? Wouldn’t the atmosphere still be infected with lead a thousand years from now? I think maybe yes, BUT the Legion develops the cure. In the comics, first there is a serum that he has to take every 24 hrs, then potentially, the flight ring is a permanent cure. So I think maybe when he gets rescued, he needs the serum every 24 hours and that is why he stays with the league and trains with them/ becomes Valor. Maybe he gets sucked into a time period before the rings are invented? Also, I think the rings are how they time travel, so that would also explain why he didn’t go back to the 21st century as soon as he had a cure for the lead poisoning. Or maybe there is another reason he stays instead of getting back to Kara asap. I think he would definitely go straight back to her if he could so there is an obstacle that prevents him from returning right away. Another possibility is that the lead dissipates over time and then they have to develop the cure so that he can go back in time and help Kara defeat Reign because otherwise she will be killed.

The Legion ring in the fortress belongs to Kal, I assume, so he would have already visited the 31st century and been back. Did he know Valor in the future or work with him? Does he know the ring has anti-lead properties, if indeed it does in this iteration of the story? Maybe Kara and Kal work on their end to try to figure out a plan to save him, because as we know, Kara will come after Mon-El “every time.”

How does the Legion know to rescue Mon-El? Maybe Kara or Superman time travel there to ask Braniac 5 to try to come up with a cure and save him? Once it is developed, they open a breach and give him the serum, and he trains with them and becomes Valor and helps them. Maybe whoever goes also delivers the suit from Winn. I don’t know if the ring can carry more than one person through time or not. Or maybe Cisco could vibe them there. But I kind of feel like it wouldn’t be present day Kara because I don’t think she’s going to see him until he’s full fledged Valor and he comes to her aid in a big moment or something like that. It had better be a MOMENT if you know what I am saying. I want to be squealing and flailing when he flies into town. But it could be Future!Kara who has been waiting a thousand years for a cure and a way to pull him out of the Phantom Zone and that would be some beautiful angst. Then she sends him back to her past self. But only if Reign didn’t kill her in the past so that is a loophole- if we know that Kara survives to the 31st century then the stakes go down.

The Legion of Superheroes is a pretty fun concept and if they develop it on screw I would hope they would get a lot of mileage out of it. I am thinking maybe we would see parallel storylines with present day Kara and 31st century Mon El with the legion in the first eight episodes and then the legion could be involved in the crossover… either them traveling to present day or the whole gang traveling to the future or something to work together and defeat a threat. Then maybe Mon-El would return to Supergirl as Valor then or maybe not until the back half of the season when Kara needs help with Reign. I would hope sooner though so that we can get Kara and Valor working together more! The only thing is that they won’t want to overshadow her with an almost-equally powered male superhero working with her all of the time. But they could probably work that out in the writing like they do on Arrow or other shows with ensemble casts and multiple heroes. They don’t necessarily need a physical separation to let Kara shine.

I’m no comic expert here I am just going on the bits and pieces I have heard from those who are. So if anyone want to chime in here and clarify or add their own thoughts, please do! @emarasmoak will you tag the fam pretty please?

Mon-El of Daxam - Hero’s Journey to Valor - Part 3

As I explained in my previous 2 posts, we know from the April Chris Wood interview in the Sci Fi Magazine that the producers wanted to give Mon-El a complete hero arch.


This is why he is following the 17 steps (divided in 3 phases) of the Hero’s Journey (Monomyth) as described by John Campbell through his character development to the superhero Valor. This is my third and final post on this journey.


Mon-El completed the first phase of the Hero’s Journey, INITIATION, in 2x09, when he said that he wanted to be a superhero. And finished the second phase, SEPARATION, in 2x22, when he selflessly accepted his metaphorical death for the greater good, achieving what he promised: that he would help Supergirl keep the world spinning. I pointed to specific scenes explaining how this happened in my previous 2 posts.



He will be completely in the third phase, RETURN, during Season 3. In this post I am going to write down my speculations, making guesses about how Mon-El could achieve the remaining steps of this journey. I support the theory that he will spend some time in the future with the Legion of Superheroes before returning to Kara’s time because it is quite similar to what happened in comics and Smallville, and because it fits perfectly with the remaining steps of the monomyth.

Bonus 1: I will also mention at the end of this post some mythic elements that are often present in the Hero’s Journey and can also be found in Supergirl season 2 in relation to Mon-El.

Bonus 2: I will also include some information about the Hero’s Journey is and other popular fiction stories have used it. The list includes a majority of the Flarrowverse good guys.

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are you impatient for voltron season two? do you want more kids fighting evil, space gays, or kids in space?

well, maybe you should check out: the legion of superheroes!

the legion of superheroes is a cartoon that ran from 2006-2008, two seasons and 26 episodes. it’s set in the 31st century, centering around a team of kid superheroes called the ‘legion of superheroes’. inspired by superman’s example in the past, kids with powers from dozens of different planets have come together to form a team, fight evil, and protect the galaxy.

unfortunately, their most powerful enemy, the fatal five, has broken out of prison while the legion is stretched thin. they need help… and who better to get it from than the person who started it all? time to go to the past and retrieve young superman to help them!

it’s a very cute show, with a wide variety of characters, and lots of girls, to boot! triplicate girl, phantom girl, saturn girl, shrinking violet, dream girl…  which is a nice change from voltron. the plot and all the characters are really well-done, and the show tackles the fact that there’s a ton of characters very well - not every single character appears in every episode!

one of the characters, bouncing boy, is chubby like hunk, and he has WAYYY less fat jokes than him, which is really nice to see. really, the one place that the legion falls short in regards to voltron is racial diversity - there’s a lot more white characters in legion than voltron. it’s not entirely white: star boy, karate kid, triplicate girl are some, but it falls majorly short in regards to voltron.

however, one thing that it WINS at is gay characters. yes, you heard that right, CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT STRAIGHT APPEAR IN THIS SHOW. i don’t mean like “this character is canon [insert sexuality] in the comics”, though that does happen.

shrinking violet is my favorite bi lady right here, man.

but no, we’re talking actual gay content in the show. brainiac 5 is one of the main characters, and he’s canonically interested in multiple genders in the comics, which is expressed in the show. this kid has the BIGGEST god damn crush on superman in the WORLD.

if the show had continued into the third season, there was going to be a “love triangle” between superman, brainiac 5, and supergirl. while they’re still very much referred to as “friends”, and there was a Shrug of God in regards to brainy’s feelings towards superman, like… it’s canon, guys. just watch it.

legion of superheroes is a show filled with beautiful crafted, unique characters (one of the main character’s superpower is to TURN INTO A BOUNCING BALL. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT.) rife with cheesy superhero code names, ladies, plots that will make you both LAUGH and cry (seriously, get your tissues ready, i weep folks), and a really gay robot who is my absolute favorite. if you want another show, you should definitely check it out. the characters are all super fantastic, and the show is extremely underrated. 

long live the legion!

Leaguers are secretly alive in the 31st century: Clark by the yellow sun, Bruce by lazarus pits, Diana by living with gods, Barry by speed force, Hal by becoming will power, and Billy by staying Shazam. They meet to pull strings to help the legion.


In 1996′s Power of Shazam Annual 1, we were introduced to CeCe Beck from the planet Binderaan, who transforms into the hero Thunder (not to be confused with Black Lightning’s daughter) when she says Captain Marvel’s name.

She would later go on to join the 31st Century superhero team the Legion of Superheroes, making her arguably one of the oldest legacy members of the team in a manner of speaking. Which is impressive considering most versions of the team don’t have future members of the Big Three on the roster, barring timetravelling teenage Clark Kent or Kara Zor-El, obviously.

CeCe’s name and planet of origin are references to the original Captain Marvel artist CC Beck and writer Otto Binder respectively.

headcanon that just like clark brings 21st century phrases to the legion (you can’t convince me that karate kid in jla adventures: trapped in time didn’t get the phrase ‘hater’ from clark), he also brings 31st century slang from the past

“i’m a… what.”

“i’ll zeezee wonder woman don’t worry”
“you’ll??? what??? zeezee??”

“cool up, batman”
“superman what the hell”

Have Mercy On Me

Chapter 1


3 years ago*

~Mon-El’s POV~

I wake up on a medical bed.

“What the… Where am I” I said sitting up. I feel perfectly fine how is that possible the lead.

“Your safe, Mon-El. The lead isn’t affecting you because its gone. You’re in the 31st Century. I work for the legion of superheros. We recruited you.” A women with blonde wavy hair and brown eyes said.

“I’m Allison” She says.

“Well you obviously know who I am” I saw swinging my legs over the bed and start to stand up.

“I have to get to Kara” I say.

They tell me about the past and who they are and introduce me to everyone there. I go to a computer tho it is more advanced… Thats an understatement. I type in Supergirl. I see what happens and her accomplishments. Then I see a sentence it says how she died.
Died: Year 2020
Cause of death: Black Mercy

She died three years after I left. One thought came to mind. I have to save her.

“I can help you save her” Allison says.

“How did you know I was thinking that” I ask as I stand up.

“I can read minds” Allison said.

“Can you train me I have to go back and save Her ” I ask.

“Yes, I can. We will start tomorrow” She says.

“Come on let’s get you settled into a room” She starts walking.

*Three years after Mon-El had to leave. Kara’s time *

~Kara’s POV~

“I know Alex but I can’t. I love him, j can’t replace him ” I say over the phone as I walk into my loft. Shutting the door behind me.

“Kara he would want you to move on not hide and cry ” Alex said.

“I know its just I can’t. I’ve tried I just can’t. And it makes me think I’m not supposed to move on maybe he’ll come back ” I tell her while I put NY keys and purse on my table.

“I’m coming over we are going to have a sister movie night” Alex says.

“Okay, bye see you soon” I tell her And then I hang up. I go to change into my pajamas. I go to my closet then I feel something. Something is not right. Then I look up. I see a Black Mercy launch at me. I dont care. I let it take over me. I’ll get to see him again and have the life I always wanted.

~Alex’s POV~

I unlock Kara’s door.

“Hey I brought pizza and pot stickers… Kara you here” I ask setting the food on her table.

I go to her bed room and see her in the ground as a black mercy is on her. I immediately run up to here. I check her pulse. She doesn’t have one. I take out my phone and call the DEO.

“This is Agent Danvers. I need medical help at Supergirl’s apartment” I yell.

Please dont be dead.

*a few minutes later*

A doctor came up to Me.

“How is she” I ask.

“Agent Danvers. We have news Supergirl has passed away from the Black mercy. But there is something we should tell yoy, she didnt fight the poison, she let it take over.” The doctor said.

Notes: Hey this is a prompt I got off of tumblr so there will be more chapters and this is just the first. Comment below if you want to be tagged for the rest of the story. Bye❤

Here are the people who wanted to see this FanFic:

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes in: Future Perfect (Full Summery): When Supergirl life turns into a living hell, she is ready to give up on being a superhero. Suddenly though she is pulled into the 31st century where the Legion has called upon her to fight a new threat; Imperix. Will her dreams mean he will fail? And as she struggles to figure out her place in this new confusing time, Brainiac Five is keeping a secret of his own. He remembers her during another time and place. But as she slowly starts to remember, and the true evil of the Time Trapper is revealed, will this mean that evil will fall and good will succeed? Or does it simply mean that darkness is loaming just beyond the horizon?

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes in: Legion Lost (Full Summery): With Supergirl back in the past, Code Five and Andromeda off to parts unknown, and the Legion of Superheroes scattered appart trying to rebuild the universe in light of recent events, they all be caught unaware when a greater evil comes and rips the universe appart. He will first corrupt one of the greatest heroes in the universe to his way of thinking and he will catch one of the groups unaware, but when he goes to pray on another group, the evil himself will be caught unaware by a force of good that have been working from the shadows. When history repeats itself, the only hope is the combined forces of the past and the future. Will they survive or find themselves lost once again?