legion character dossiers

I’ve had some really shitty run-ins with Lyle fans in the past: one who said some really racist things about Rokk/Jazmin in order to facilitate their reasoning for Rokk/Lyle, and one who would just get unbearably shirty for no reason if you shipped an m/m Legion ship that didn’t involve Lyle, since he was the canonically gay one. (“Canonically.” If you know me you’ve heard me whine about this in the past.)

So I tend to remember Lyle’s unfortunate fans, and forget how fucking amazing and hilarious he and his hard-on for being a secret agent are? Like, he is the most hilarious character. He is 100% James Bond in his head at all times, but he’s basically just this nerdy 16 year old kid who can turn invisible and is too smart for his own good and keeps getting himself in over his head with his schemes, and it’s AMAZING????

Also, I love how all the adults in twoboot canon are flipping out about the Legion being a teenage death squad when the EARTHGOV INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WAS USING TWELVE YEAR OLDS ON COVERT OPS. Stay gold, the 30th century. Stay gold.