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Dan Stevens Appreciation Week | Day 3: Favorite role
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This is hard. Why I’ve gone past the date of this event to answer it lol… 

Does one go with the one where he’s a guest?

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Or a David?

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A beast?

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 or a soft spoken lover?

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That guy in the red mess kit who’s also a true lover who doesn’t suffer fools?


 This must have been easier for newer fans I suspect. Or for those who don’t have necessarily strong attachments to characters played by Dan in the past. They like them…but they don’t have the same oomph as the prince who growls 

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or the super mutant who’s also got a romance of the mind going on….

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He’s brilliant in all of them. He doesn’t know how to do less… 

But favorite ( a person or thing that is best liked or most enjoyed) …. argh

I would go with David  Haller (I loved S1 David but I’m frustrated by idea that he’s not going to be as complex and badass without the parasite… I NEED HIM TO BE ALL THE THINGS…all of them… )– plus lots of people have already chosen him .

My soul mate is Matthew. It will always be Matthew…. 

In all honesty I almost went with James Harvey from The Ticket….that’s a raw performance. One that won’t get any awards or go much further than an indie theater and Netflix… but it’s one of his best. BEST. EVER. How he makes James bitter, sardonic, testy, egotistical, and caring all at the same time…and sexy af… and yet from his first tinges of guilt in talking to Grace outside the church to his gut wrenching breakdown at the end. I could easily choose James Harvey.

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But I’m throwing my hat in the ring (as always) for Nick Guest… I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.

I see the same raw vulnerability that Dan brought to Nick in David Haller. He draws you into the character and before you know it you feel like you’d die to protect him from all harm.  It’s my mission in life to protect Nick from the harsh, cold, non-beautiful world… He trusted people too much.

I want to quote –not his beloved Henry James but F. Scott Fitzgerald to him “they’re careless people”– not worthy of your love. Except for Catherine– whose idea of getting him to understand reality was to make his life crash and burn…. and I’m still not sure he got it.  He’s ever in a (futile?) search for the infinite line of beauty (in form, in love, in life).

“He wanted pure compliments, just as he wanted unconditional love.”

Dan will never be better than he was in The Line of Beauty. He might be equally as good…he won’t be better. He holds the screen… you feel him …you get Nick. This was his first big role. He’s so young. And yet so powerful and controlling in his performance. He’s so assured playing an unsure young man. I still find it astonishing on the tenth time watching it as I did the first time. 

I shall stop my rambling now :)

Dan stevens appreciation week day 3 Favourite TV character.

I feel like this is gonna be me each time, I just cannot choose! So again here are my 4 favourites..

1. Obviously Matthew Crawley. What an absolute puppy of a man. Stupidly beautiful and with morals that sometimes annoyed me (f lavinia get with Mary now not at Christmas!) Funny and intelligent with a heart of gold. Just a brilliant character..I still haven’t watched his death scene and I never will!

2. David Haller Legion. Oh this man. I just want to hug him and tell him he is loved and he is pretty!!! What a phenomenal performance he gives so believable and heartbreaking as a man struggling with his mental health and finding out he was adopted and also is a mutant… he’s just breath taking in this program. Dan was totally born for the part.

3. Edward Ferrars. Swoon. Noble and heart wrenching I loved him in sense and sensibility and in my opinion he was better Edward than Hugh Grant.

4. Lord Arthur Holmwood Dracula. I only watched Dan’s scenes but my God was he a hot mess in this… the desperation and guilt he felt was written on his face. The thing about Dan is he can make me feel for the characters who aren’t that nice just through his eyes and his wonderful acting skills.

Dan rocks. That is all.


Dan Stevens Appreciation Week.

Day 3: Favorite TV Character

David Haller Legion

tbh, I completely forgot that Dan Stevens even existed after he left downton, so then when Legion came along it reaffirmed my love for this gent. And how i can’t get enough! Plus, this show is awesome and Dan is phenom in it. Plus, it really shows his range and there are times you just want to hug david. 


Consensus: Having a unique designator will facilitate interactions with organics.

Minority objection: Designator “Legion” may have negative connotations with some human organics.

Consensus: Wait. See what develops. Shepard-Commander offers alliance, perhaps temporary.

They are geth. They do not require designators among themselves. There are enough of them to sustain intelligence and provide companionship, even when they are apart from the rest of the geth consensus. They can communicate, but it takes time to send and receive communication. It is disconcerting. It is difficult to achieve consensus when there is lag in communication.


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