The Ruby Agency on the bridge to find private Jasper.

The Shooter : Always invites the team to the tearoom after each mission.
The Questioner : The most invested in the mission. Loves to get answers.
The Chief : Manage the agents. Moves a lot. Would take a bullet for the team.
The Ram : Makes sure that the questions got answers.
The Informant : Knows everything, notes everything. Coffee Machine.
? : Favorite color : blue. Sweats a lot. Once send the whole team in Uganda before disappearing.

Part of the Ruby Agency concepts.



Well, time to share my latest projet : “On The Way To Neptune” !

It’s a “fun”-made inspired by Rebecca Sugar and CN’s “Steven Universe”, and refers to “Hit The Diamond” and “Back to the Moon” episodes. It was at first a tiny 2D exercice for myself (it’s been almost 3 years !) that evolved into a very short. I learned a lot trying to match the original series, and I’m still learning a lot about the creation process of this amazing show. My only purpose was to have fun, and I did ! Now, if you enjoyed it, I’m the gladest. Update to come : I didn’t have a good sound material, I’m expecting to do a newer and better sound design soon.
And maybe, who knows, I’ll make another one ? Some designs are coming.

I do too “miss those humans”.
Cheers !