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@soapandsofas took this absolutely stunning photo of me on the way to the convention this morning.



As many of you will know, last October (2015) I was the face of the Velour Lashes Halloween Pop-Up event. They gave me the theme ‘Happily Never After’ and asked me to produce 5 still images of twisted Disney Princesses.
It was up to me to choose my favourite of the Princesses, and then come up with the makeup looks for each character.

The five images went viral! They ended up on Fox News USA, Huffington Post, local newspapers, an Art gallery in Slovenia and shared by many celebrities. 
So, after HUNDREDS of requests from you guys for tutorials of each Princess, a year on, I have finally filmed them! 

Sadly, after recently posting the recreation of my looks from last year on Instagram there has been a lot finger pointing in regards to my look and Glam & Gore. She recently debuted her own tutorials of Dark Disney, which are fabulous, but people aren’t taking into consideration that my looks were posted before Mykie posted hers - so it’s impossible for me to have copied her looks. 
It’s sad that I am having to address the issue, but I am. 

I feel like it’s more the a case of ‘Great Minds Think Alike’…

Enjoy the tutorial. 

Exo’s Reaction - Watching You Wax

Hey thanks for the request @hesingsletters and I hope you like it! <3


Xiumin - *He’d probably want to do it with you so you’re not alone in feeling the pain of having the strips being ripped off you*

Lay - *He’d be adorable about it when it really hurts after you pulled it off and would try make it feel better* I’ll use my healing unicorn powers to help! 

Kai - *He’d be cringing every time you eagerly rip more hair off everytime and wouldn’t be able to watch and would cover his eyes, still cringing everytime he hears it happening though*

Suho - *He’d be very silent and would switch his eyes from one place to another, trying not to make it awkward for himself*

Kyungsoo - *He wouldn’t be able to think of anything to say or do from how awkward he would be but he’d decide to go and make you food while you’re doing so*

Tao - *He’d bitch to you how it doesn’t actually hurt and you’re just being a wimp about it until your turn around and ask him if he wants to try then he’d leave you alone to do it, knowing he should’ve kept his mouth shut* 

Chen - *He’d tease you how you’ve missed places and would probably get bored and would leave you to it until you’ve finished*

Kris - *He’d leave the room after you’ve just pulled off one, knowing this ain’t his style*

Chanyeol - *He’d ask you questions why you’d do such thing to yourself like this and how much it actually hurts but would love the feel of your smooth legs afterwards*

Baekhyun - *He’d find it awkward but really fascinating at the same time and would watch from a distance to be able to see how it actually works*

Sehun - *He’d make little comments and would feed off your pain in a playful way… hopefully* I swear you’re a gorilla, you’re legs are hairy as f… 

Luhan - *He’d try to be manly about it and try not to cringe infront of you, saying how he’d be able to do it like a man*


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A Study in Hands (Pedrazar)

At Pedro’s Halloween party, Balthazar spends the night being a wallflower as he examines his friends’ hands. (Inspired by “An Ode”) (“Would his hand fit in yours? I bet it would, better than any other guy’s ever could…”)


Lately, I’ve been curious about hands.

Not in a creepy way.  

Just in an observant way, like how your hands could say a lot about you. Mine for example are calloused, rough because I’m a musician, which is a hazard of the skill. They’re also clammy. Clammy means nervous and yeah, I guess, I’m a pretty anxious person.

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