leggings are totally pants

The reversed Cinderella

BTS werewolf AU

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A/N :Hello everyone ,please enjoy this BTS AU.I have always wanted to do a werewolf x BTS story.This one is for Jimin. If you want another member please send me an Ask or a Request.I don’t know how long I will make this one but I think that 4 or 5 parts should be enough. 😊 😄

Word count: 3,985 ( around there :D )

Warnings: Bad language , somewhat violence.

      It was dark outside and you just had finished your part time job.Tired from the long work day you were walking home.Today was Sunday yet you still had to study for Monday’s big test.

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Another one of Janice’s friends at the Roadhouse last Saturday. I think her name is Linda and from what the other girls were saying, doesn’t get to worked up about going in her pants. She’d totally peed down both legs and there was little doubt about what she’d done. This is after the lights were turned up, otherwise she might have gotten away with it. 

Janice says that she knows her from the beach where they hang out and has seen her wearing short-shorts that were yellowed in the crotch. Hot looking little bitch with a great ass. Nice.

Oh, these leggings? I’m just wearing them under my jeans because it’s cold out. Definitely not scared of what others think about them, nope, not at all. And I bought them by myself in secret just because that was the most convenient time. Definitely just weather related, yep, definitely NOT imagining myself as a cute girl wearing leggings as pants every time I put them on. Totally fine.