legging season


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #2. Zoë Rivas

“We all have one thing in common - we want to be loved for who we are. We need to celebrate our differences. For instance, I’m gay. I’m not bragging about it but I’ve always been afraid to say it and I’m not anymore. I want this place to be a safe space where everyone feels free to be themselves. Welcome to Degrassi.”

“Every single thing he does is a compensation for his disease, and him struggling all the time to prove himself. He is struggling with being crippled and not being the picture of someone who could lead an entire army, the fact that they won’t see his brilliant mind. It’s the most annoying thing, when you’ve got the answers, but you’re not heard.”
                                             ––Alex Høgh Andersen

Whoa Sonic are your legs okay?