legendwaker's art


Collaboration project with the main g @legendwaker💘💘💘

Fusion of my squid girlfriends (Bubblegum and Lemontea) and her squid boyfriends (Oji and Geo)

Design + Lineart : Legendwaker | Colour + Finishing : Mixiv-14

i know i said i had other stuff to finish but i had a MIGHTY NEED to draw this. so one night i dreamt that the next chapter to kill 4 love came out (which is real good so far i recommend it if you’re ok with some violence/death). then i saw this drawing of the squid bfs that i thought was cute, so i redrew it in the original style (i didn’t really mean to it just.. happened).

as for the actual context behind why geo is scared uh.. idk! maybe he saw a big ass bug or something..

tbh i’ve been meaning to draw these two but i just never had any good ideas. i love ‘em and k4l a lot! i’ve been following for a while (since before i had tumblr) and it’s wild seeing how much your art has improved since then! it’s a big inspiration for me haha~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

oji and geo belong to @legendwaker


{ Huevember Compilation }  

DAY 3: Geo, one of my main inspirations @legendwaker
DAY 4 & 5: On Sundays, Rock likes to take Kris to her favorite café @the-whipple-effect
DAY 6: precious boy, Chef @inklingray
DAY 7 & 8: Midna, friend from my Sploon Clan
DAY 11 & 12: Marina, my octo baby. 

yeah, i gave up on day 9 & 10 :^)

So, what do you do when your internet craps out, your tablet doesnt work, and all you have open is sony vegas and @legendwaker‘s Ojingeochae comic?

yooouuu make an amv out of other people’s ocs, like regular people do! (:D I really needed the practice anyways, hopefully its ok to do this! the first lil while is blank due to a rendering problem so sorry for that!