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When i first saw Mipha the red parts on her head reminded me of the hijab so here is a human version wip of her :) just a fast sketch to get the idea down. Will paint later. Been a while since i did fanart, Maybe more Zelda fanarts to come soon !

Legend of Zelda AU

Where the Hero of Time is born to the Gerudo Tribe

and they live in peace training with their sisters and aunts and etc until one day a mysterious enemy appears… The Marauder of Time!

He has rolled all across the other kingdoms, intimidating them into alliances. In the wake of the mysterious death of the King of Hyrule no one has been able to stop him from raiding ancient temples and destroying the guardians that lived there.

Meanwhile the leader of the Gerudo, sensing the trouble headed their way, sends the young Hero on a quest of their own while she prepares the tribe for a fight

the little Hero returns stronger than ever with the Triforce of Power glowing on their hand and defeats the Marauder of Time. Only then do they discover that the true enemy the whole time was…

Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. She overthrew her father and blamed the Gerudo in order to start a border war and enlarge her kingdom.

and that’s the AU I’ve fallen headlong into recently.


Lake Hylia, latest painting in the Zelda Open World Series. 

I couldn’t wait to finish this one because it’s one of my favourite locations in Hyrule to explore. Went for a painterly feel for this one and experimented with the cool colours. Always wanted to paint this location and my interpretation of it, it was such a delight!

Prints: http://society6.com/product/lake-hylia-mcd_print#1=45


“Poppa its a FishFish!”

OKAY I hAVE THIS PRETTY COOL IDEA FOR DAPHNES. SO I remembered that Daphnes becomes very magical in Hyrule Warriors (vid) so I had that on my mind for a little while. And I decided to make Daphnes I suppose you can call it water bending!! Let just say the ability for him to water bend is by his tattoos as you can see on the drawing!! The Tattoos that are in his hands glow while the rest of his tattoos creates these ocean swirls ,but depending if he is using his whole body to water bend. Like here in the drawing he’s not using all of his ability there just less than half of it. (Let’s just say tattoos are kind of magical on the TSwaR au). 

Now in his Human form he can only grab bodies of water the size of him. He can create or grab small or up to average. He can’t control large bodies of water it becomes to heavy on him and he can get easily tired and weak. Now his emotions do affect his powers if he’s in an emotional distress he can rise the ocean tides but not that much so it doesn’t really impact the people who live in the kingdom of Hyrule.

HIS LION FORM ON THE OTHER HAND. He is possible on controlling larger bodies of water, but he CANNOT control the whole ocean. He is capable on creating larger waves, but it depends on the current emotion that he’s in. He is also capable on walking and splitting the water. But it can only last under 30-10 minutes. 

I really want to do a referece sheet for Daphnes’ tattoos I already had, but im just fixing some things to make his tattoos more simpler. This is all I have for now if I do have more ideas for him or for other characters I will totally tell you guys!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Well hello, I’ve been pretty quiet recently due to my Final Major Project for University, I’m currently making a short film (about 3 minutes) of my own little dog and his endeavors to steal a cake from a kitchen table so as you can imagine, animating that takes some time! 

On March 3rd this year a brand new game was released on a brand new console. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I have been obsessed with it, I automatically jumped on the opportunity to buy this game as Zelda has been a big part of my life growing up and the designs in this title are breath taking. So here’s something I’ve been sketching up quickly, a little portrait image of Zelda in her champion style clothing.