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  1. 1939 The Wizard od OZ 
  2. 2013 Oz the Great and Powerful
  3. 2013 Legend of Oz: Dorothy’s Return (early concept)
  4. 2007 Tin Man
  5. 2014 Supernatural


  1. 2014 Once Upon a Time
  2. 2013 Legend of Oz: Dorothy’s Return 
  3. 2005 The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz
  4. 1978 The Wiz
  5. 1985 Return to OZ
Lea Michele Opens Up About 'Legends of Oz' & What's Next for 'Glee'

Lea Michele may always be Rachel Berry to Gleeks, but the triple threat is also making a name for herself asDorothy Gale. Yup, the very same originated on screen by Judy Garland! Lea lent her famous voice to the latest, animated version of the ruby-slippered girl from Kansas in Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, opening in theaters today, May 9.

The Stir caught up with Lea to talk about the film, what inspired her performance, her famous Oz co-stars (which run the gamut from Martin Short to Dan Aykroyd and fellow Broadway powerhouses Bernadette Peters and Megan Hilty), as well as what fans can expect from Glee’s final season.

How did you feel initially about the opportunity to portray Dorothy?
Oh my gosh, I think that from watching The Wizard of Oz so much growing up getting to have the privilege to be involved with Legends of Oz and play Dorothy was really such a childhood dream come true for me. So there was no way I was going to say no.

What performances inspired your own?
I wanted to keep to the heart of the original Wizard of Oz. Getting to play a character that was originated and created by Judy Garland was so incredible!

What animated films are your all-time favorites?
Growing up, I really loved The Little Mermaid and Beauty & the Beast. So you know, I had such great animated films as a little girl that were for me were these Disney princesses I just loved. 

You, of course, also contributed to the original motion picture soundtrack for the film, featuring music composed by Bryan Adams. What was it like working on that, as well?
I just loaned my voice to the project, and we had to obviously record the dialogue for the entire film, and then I would come in and do the recording sessions. I think that the songs are so beautiful and so fun, really uplifting, so I think they really match the heart of the story so well.

What did you enjoy most about working with such a star-studded cast?
You know it’s so funny cuz the way that these animated films work, you don’t actually work with any of the other people in the film. You go in and you do all your stuff by yourself, and then, they piece everything together. But I’m such huge fan of both [Bernadette and Megan], and everyone else in the film. To just be a part of this project with so many incredibly talented people was really such an honor. [But] we just had our premiere, and Martin Short and Jim Belushi were there, so it was nice to see those guys – and to get to premiere it for a great, young audience, and I can’t wait for everyone else to get to see it now.

Speaking of the Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return premiere, your red carpet look had a glam ‘70s retro vibe. What went into choosing that style?
Mainly just what was going to be light enough for an incredibly hot, hot day in Los Angeles. I just wanted something that was very comfortable and that would be good in the warm weather. I just wanted something very summery and pretty.

Glee fans are hanging on every teaser about the final season. What can we expect?
It’s going to be a very exciting and different season. I know as of now what myself and Chord Overstreet and Darren [Criss] will be doing next year. We can’t say – Ryan has made us keep everything completely under wraps – but we’re all very excited about where our characters will be going next year. It’s a good surprise.

Hear Lea Michele, Megan Hilty, and more in the ‘Legends of Oz’ soundtrack — EXCLUSIVE | EW.com

The worlds of Smash and Glee collide — finally! — in Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, a new, 3D animated feature coming to theaters this month.

The film stars Broadway vet Rachel Berry Lea Michele as its title character, who travels from Kansas back to the land of Oz for another adventure. This time around, she’s joined not only by her old pals the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion — played by the august comic trio of Dan Aykroyd, Kelsey Grammer, and Jim Belushi — but also by a marshmallow man named (wait for it) Marshal Mallow (Hugh Dancy), a kindly owl called Wiser (Oliver Platt), and, perhaps most excitingly, a delicate china doll played by ex-Smash star Megan Hilty. The whole gang must band together to fight a new foe: the wicked Jester, voiced by beloved actor/comedian Martin Short.

With all that vocal talent in play, it’s only natural that Legends of Oz would be a musical — and we’ve got an exclusive first listen at the film’s eight original songs, plus five instrumental tracks. Click your heels together,  and click “play” below: LINK 


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A handful of new clips from the upcoming animated film Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return have been released online.  Based on the 1989 novel Dorothy of Oz, a sequel to Frank L. Baum’s original The Wizard of Oz, the film revolves around Dorothy (Lea Michele) returning to the Land of Oz, only to find that the kingdom and its inhabitants are in grave danger from a wicked Jester (Martin Short).  The pic continues to look more like a direct-to-DVD sequel or Nick Jr. special than a real movie, but you can judge for yourself by checking out the new clips.

Hit the jump to watch the Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return movie clips.  The film also features the voices of Kelsey GrammerDan AkyroydJim BelushiMegan HiltyHugh DancyOliver PlattBernadette Peters, and Patrick Stewart.  Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return opens in 3D on May 9, 2014.