legends of motown


30 years after his tragic passing, Marvin Gaye remains a beacon of hope, love, and peace for generations to come. He was transparent, vulnerable, inventive, spiritual, and the definition of class. A trendsetter in popular music. When people said that soul music couldn’t make the world feel, he showed them that it can in more ways than one. 

For that alone, we salute you Marvin! 

(April 2, 1939 - Forever)

What more can be said? I was asking my mother the other day about what the climate was like when this classic came out back in 1976. She replied with, “It brought the whole community together.” If that statement alone doesn’t serve any testament to its importance and life-affirming power 40 years back then and 40 years now, I don’t know what will. Happy 40th to Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life

Billboard advert for “Motown Presents Michael Jackson…The Legend Continues”. Released in June 1988 internationally and May 3, 1989 in the US. It would #1 on the Billboard Top Music Video Sales, replacing Michael’s other new home video, Moonwalker.

It premiered on Showtime in March 1988 and would have a special re-edit and broadcast on CBS in January 17, 1992