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Tom Hiddleston

Some sort of long forgotten mythical creature that has come to life to destroy us all.

Legend says he charms his victims with his smile and sweet personality so they don’t know he is actually putting a spell on them that will turn them into Hiddlestoners who will then do nothing but look at pictures of him and flail. He also appears to have the power to control women’s reproductive organs, either destroying them completely or sending them into baby-making overdrive. The only plausible reason for any of this is that he does what he wants.

Identifying a Tom Hiddleston:

-Power Stance-ing all over the damn place

-He will probably be wearing an entirely leather outfit.

-If he is sitting, his knees will be about 4 miles apart from each other

-You will hear the call of the ‘ehehehe’

-Constant lip licking

If you spot a Tom Hiddleston just stay calm, offer him some sort of pudding and back away slowly. Then run like you’re in a horror movie. He’ll probably catch you anyways(long legs are all the better to catch you with) but at least you tried.
Girl 1: *sitting in front of a computer staring at a picture of Tom Hiddleston*

Girl 2: Hey… you okay? *pokes girl 1 in the arm*

Girl 3: It’s no use. She watched Thor for the first time last night. She’s been like this since the first scene with Loki in it.

Girl 2: How could you let her watch that! You know what it does to people.

Girl 3: I tried to stop her! She wouldn’t listen to me!

Girl 2: Another friend lost to the Tom Hiddleston.

Girl 3: It was bound to happen eventually.

Girl 2: Oh no… we have to get out of here. I think shes starting up Wallander. *tugs on Girl 3’s arm*

Girl 3: Magnus… Maaaaaaagnuuuuusss…

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They nailed it!

Some fun before bed thoughts:
- if barry can go back in time to pick up len from the waverider, why not just put iris on the waverider?
- we know from the comment about king sharks hand that this is post legends 1x09- how much time was s1, actually, like technically endless, if barry can find then at any given point?
- in that sense, how is it possible that the crews from s1 and s2 never overlapped when they’re clearly all over the damn place???
- how did barry know when and where to find len? How did the waverider know to come back and pick len up?
- why the fuck were the legends in 1892 siberia

I think phil klemmer is at my door i have to go

During the reunification process in some places there was no podium to give speech, and the amount of people ready to  hear their saviour the great uniter was big so…


shitty doodle made at bus on my way to school…I’m so bored xD. reference that pic of a lady standing over a guy’s back on a store…damn I lost it sorry! 

Why is the Legend of Zelda fandom full of such #Edgy people...

Legit every post I see about the damn game is “Man I wish we could have the same dark art style as Twilight Princess so it’s depressing and helpless and it feels rEAL”

Like ok so:

1. First of all, get your head out of your ass you goddamn #Edgelord. I’m not sure you understand Nintendo’s Target Audience, which is isn’t a bunch of #Edgelords. It’s Family, it needs to appeal to all ages, and I don’t really think Twilight Princess appealed to many younger kids with how it looked.

2. You completely underestimate the power of what cartoon/art in general can do. The art style was inspired by Studio Ghibli, watch any of those movies and tell me it can’t be powerful. All you’d need to do is change the lighting or a few colours and bam, your depressive wankfest cometh forth.

3. Not everyone wants a depressing scenario. Yes, my favourite games are also Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, but that was mostly because of what the games themselves did with gameplay, not how dark it was. I can already tell Breath of the Wild is going up there too.

Please stop spamming Nintendo with this crap, because it annoys me too, it’s all over the damn place. Just let people enjoy the game, love it for what new things it’s bringing to us, and not complaining because it’s not giving you the chance for a Sad Wank™ or because it’s not adhering to the “Legend of Zelda formula” (whereas in fact, it’s closer to the Legend of Zelda formula than Ocarina of Time was, which you all seem to think is the first and only Zelda game).

Here is the jasico anime con au I said I would write.  Thanks to librosylozasucia for reading through this.  My awkward nerd boys.

Jason is a bit caught off guard when he and Leo walk into the hotel.  It’s not that he hadn’t been expecting… well, weird things, but the full extent of it just sort of blows him out of the water.  When he’d agreed to go with Leo to an anime con, he’d known he probably wasn’t going to be around your average crowd of people, but he’s seen a few animes and he likes them well enough.  He assumed he would fit in okay, meet some cool people, and Leo wouldn’t be alone.  God knows his best friend isn’t the most gifted at social interactions.  

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