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Hi! I just thought I would add this to the question regarding contact between parents and their kids in the temple. Don't know if it's relevant anymore because it's EU, but Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn mentioned that a child in the temple (Lorana Jinzler) didn't have any contact with her parents. Her parents worked at the Temple and were dismissed from their jobs when she was accepted for training because of the contact thing.

Wait, Legends are the same as the EU, right? Sorry about that, I forgot!

Hi!  Yeah, Outbound Flight is from Legends/the EU, which per the people in charge (first George Lucas, then LucasFilm as a whole when Disney bought it), was never “canon” even back in the day.  They sort of went with a tiered canon system, that (I think it was him?) Leeland Chee described as “foggy windows into the GFFA” and that some windows were foggier than others, as for how “accurate” they were.

But George Lucas always said that they were not canon to his Star Wars and Dave Filoni echoed that the people working on the TV shows had that made very clear to them, that only the movies and TV were canon to George Lucas and Star Wars.

Once Disney bought it, they wiped everything into the “Legends” label, except for the movies and the TV shows, but anything published after April 2014 (unless it has a disclaimer otherwise, as well as not counting things like the LEGO stories, etc.) is canon.

Basically, the EU was a bunch of published fanfiction and that meant some of those things were AMAZING and some of them were TERRIBLE and there was a lot of inconsistency because authors weren’t given a whole lot of reigning in. Or, you know, sometimes wrote it BEFORE THE MOVIES WERE FINISHED, looking at you Jedi Apprentice novels that were written before even Attack of the Clones was out.  As far as I can tell, these days there’s still a TON of freedom for authors these days, but the Story Group at least exists to get rid of the worst of the inconsistencies.  (And probably to keep another situation like Traviss from happening, is my suspicious guess.)

I mention it (rather repeatedly, I know!) not because I’m like HOW DARE YOU ENJOY THAT THING THAT’S NOT CANON, but instead because those things legit do not apply to a discussion of canon.  It’s never been a value judgement or saying that fans can’t find enjoyment in them or use them for worldbuilding or play in those sandboxes, because I love when people enjoy playing over there in that sandbox!  But it’s not relevant to the world being discussed here and there are a lot of people who are super ready to jump on me with WELL ACTUALLY LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT HOW TERRIBLE THE JEDI WERE if I don’t yell ahead of time NO THE AUTHORS WRITING TERRIBLE LEGENDS STORIES BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT THE JEDI WERE NAZIS DO NOT APPLY IN THIS DISCUSSION.  (Don’t worry, you were perfectly fine in your message!!  This is about people who just want to argue with me, not on the sweet people who just want to help!  ♥)

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can we just talk about how in sara's "i'm not normal, alright?!" tirade, ava is in the background rolling her eyes towards the ceiling like "i Cannot believe that i was chosen to love this dramatic ass bitch out of All the people on our earth"

i got this this morning and looked it up which u will know if you follow me on twitter anyway im only just back on my laptop and i can give you the fruit of my research aka this which should be a meme

like this

and like honestly they’re both dramatic as hell ava spends 90% of her time rolling her eyes at sara lbr

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What do you think it was that attracted Sara to Ava and vice versa?

apart from the fact that they’re, as leo snart says, smoking hot

sara’s life is a mess and she’s surrounded by messes she needed someone who wasn’t a mess (i mean ava is a mess but sara didn’t know that). sara likes competent ppl, if nyssa is anything to go by, and ava is like. peak competent. she also lbr probably liked the thought of someone she could share secrets with. plus ava doesn’t take any shit and sara needs that because all the ppl on the waverider cave to her

i think ava to sara is a little harder, mostly because we know so little about her. i think she obviously craves a relationship. her talk about how long it’s been since a partner and how happy the gf talk made her shows that. but it’s obvs not just that. ava’s hot and she has a cool job she could get a gf if she wanted to, even if she’s Anxious. i think she’s probably a lil bit of a snob so having someone equal to her is a plus. the secret thing as well bc, as i said, anxious. with a normie gf she’d have to worry about spilling. and i think she just admires sara. she’s ava but with no inhibitions or anxiety. breaks rules and gets shit done. ava would probably like to be that but she just never could be (is it clone programming or anxiety). so having a gf who can be that is the next best thing.

but like honestly getting this i was like…. i don’t really know like we don’t really know anyway have this ramble