• <p> <b>Me, right after I published a piece of writing:</b> so proud of myself this is the cutest thing I ever wrote I am a LeGenD<p/><b>Me, one day later:</b> yeah, it IS cute, good job<p/><b>Me, one week later:</b> well it's cool but I could have phrased this paragraph differently<p/><b>Me, one month later:</b> *discovers 362819 grammatical errors, misspelled words and typos*<p/><b>Me, a year later:</b> I didn't write this. Nope. So embarrassing. This is so obnoxiously cutesy and every single action and sentence is so out of character it hurts my heart nope nope this is torture<p/></p>

me researching the similarities between ye olde celt & norse pantheons and thinking about the implications it has for their fate counterparts specifically in the context of how little we still know about scathach aside from her heavily implied connection to the norse gods and specifically skadi and how early in the series the connections between celt & norse gods were established through cu chulainn and more specifically through his spear having properties of both lugh’s spear brionac and odin’s spear gugnir (the second of which gae bolg did not have in the original myth) and later also by having caster cu’s noble phantasm involve him calling upon odin’s powers rather than lugh’s which means this HAS to be an intentional move on nasu’s part because noble phantasms embody the heroes that wield them so for TWO of cu chulainn’s noble phantasms to explicitly connect him to odin has to mean SOMETHING concerning lugh and odin’s identities within this canon, possibly that they are two aspects of the same entity somehow meaning cu chulainn within this canon is simultaneously the son of both lugh and odin thus granting him access to both their powers through the conceptual weapons that are supposed to embody his legend

me continuing to think about scathach’s unspecified but implied to be incredibly close (to the point of sharing a name) connection to a giantess and her unusual favoritism for cu chulainn whose ancestor (balor, grandfather of lugh) was a giant out of all her probably hundreds of students throughout several centuries as well as her immediately recognising altera’s true nature and possibly even knowing specifically about the fact that she is the white titan that destroyed civilisation 14000 years ago in the event that was supposed to introduce the base aspects of her character combined with scathach having an at this time completely undefined more powerful second form which as revealed in the kara no kyoukai event is capable of completely crushing cu’s wicker man from which one can safely assume that said form is very large and considering her colour scheme if one were to go out on a limb real far might even be possible to describe as a “black titan”


That moment when E! uses a sample from MEG.

That background music is the same melody and beat from MEG’s Roomgirl track, on her album Roomgirl.

dat influence.