Here’s my contribution to the LEGENDARY CARTOONISTS card set. 

I feel very lucky to have worked on this with such amazing cartoonists! The idea was very simple, a card set featuring portraits of master cartoonists drawn by current cartoonists. With the tireless help of J Jonny Shaw and contributions by my favorite active cartoonists it became a reality!

These are being screen printed in limited sets by the amazing Maggie Lomeli at Gray Area Print. The set is debuting at SPX and you can get them as a free gift with a Retrofit Fall Subscription!


By Andrew Wheeler

Snuck out in the usual DC Comics PR is a little gift to discerning readers that may demonstrate that DC’s digital wing really know what it’s doing. Gilbert Hernandez, the legendary Love & Rockets cartoonist who gave the world Heartbreak Soup and Palomar, is going to write and draw a Wonder Woman story. Like, for real.

The story is part of the DC West Coast office’s digital first line, and will appear in late September as part of the Wonder Woman anthology Sensation Comics. A print edition will follow in October.

Gilbert Hernandez is not a complete stranger to DC Comics. He co-authored nine issues of the Vertigo book Yeah! with Peter Bagge in 1999/2000, and his Vertigo series Grip: The Strange World of Men ran for five issues in 2002 — but those were obviously very different times for the publisher. Idiosyncratic indie artists like Hernandez don’t fit the mold of the more conservative New 52-era DC.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman is one of the West Coast office’s out-of-continuity anthologies, outside the auspices of the New 52, which presumably gives Hernandez fairly wide scope. Digital titles like Legends of the Dark Knight and Adventures of Superman have become showcases for some of the more unconventional and interesting stories coming out of DC — and they’ve given creators a chance to tell stories unhindered by the aesthetic and narrative restrictions of the New 52.



A Visit With Al Jaffee, Legendary Cartoonist and Creator of the Iconic MAD Magazine Fold-In

Office of the Governor & California Museum announce the ninth class of inductees into the California Hall of Fame - The California Museum

The ninth class of California Hall of Fame inductees comprises: acclaimed actor Robert Downey Jr; celebrated artist David Hockney; journalist and news anchor Lester Holt; martial arts superstar Bruce Lee; space pioneer Ellen Ochoa; country music icon Buck Owens; legendary cartoonist Charles M. Schulz and Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi. All living inductees will attend in person.

This weekend I got to see “I thought I told you to shut up!” A short by the talented @charlietyrell about the legendary Cartoonist David Boswell and the film that never was about the popular character ‘Reid Flemming’ @fredbread and I did a bit of animation work on it - it turned out incredible. Once it’s gone through the festival circuit il be sure to share a link cc : @harrison.music ✨

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Stan Goldberg, Legendary Cartoonist, Has Died


We lost Stan Goldberg yesterday evening. Mark Evanier broke the news on his blog, which I’ve been following closely since he informed us of Mr. Goldberg’s move to hospice care a couple weeks back. It’s moments like this that remind us what a young medium comics is. Some of the pioneers, some of the greatest contributors and voices of this medium are still with us, and it feels like we’re losing them with alarming frequency.

Stan Goldberg was a colorist at Marvel during the company’s explosive innovation in the 1960’s. He was a student of  Dan Decarlo’s Archie house style and implemented it at Archie, Marvel, and DC for years before growing into a style that was truly his own. Stan worked at Archie up until a few years ago, when he stopped receiving assignments from them. He quickly popped up over at Papercutz, drawing their Nancy Drew and Three Stooges books.

Stan was there. He worked in the industry that we love for decades, and most, if not all of that time, as a freelancer. We’ve all heard horror stories of folks working freelance in the comics industry, and it seemed from an outsider perspective that Stan was able to navigate that world and sort of beat the odds and have a long, successful career.  I’m not exactly sure how he did it, but I have to assume, and his vast body of work would suggest, that he worked hard.

He worked hard, and we benefited. We’ll continue to benefit from Stan’s creations as we see his work reprinted in nearly every digest that Archie publishes. With any luck, children growing up today, and their children to follow, will read and enjoy the work of Stan Goldberg.

Thanks for everything, Stan. You will truly be missed.

The next volume of our critically acclaimed EC Comics Library series takes us into outer space via the fine, meticulous brushwork of legendary cartoonist Wallace Wood. Spawn of Mars and Other Stories will collect over two dozen stories written by Al Feldstein, including such science fiction titles as “The Dark Side of the Moon,” “A Trip to a Star,” “The Secret of Saturn’s Ring,” and, of course, “Spawn of Mars.”

We are pleased to show you the final cover art here, which we hope will help you visualize how this magnificent next volume will look alongside the other EC Comics Library books in your collection. Spawn of Mars and Other Stories is on track for a December release, and the book is already available for pre-order!

And for you eager fans asking about our next EC box set, fear not! We’ll have more updates for you soon over on the Flog. Plans are solidly underway to begin putting together our next luscious EC Comics Library Box Set!

Pirates in the Heartland: The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson Vol. 1
by Patrick Rosenkranz

232-page black & white 8" x 11.25" hardcover • $34.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-747-5

See Previews / Order Now

S. Clay Wilson’s taboo-busting, eyeball-blistering comics changed the course of the medium. Best known for his Checkered Demon character and as one of the co-founders of the seminal Zap Comix anthology, Wilson cannonballed the collective — which includes legendary underground cartoonist R. Crumb — to even greater heights of artistic depravity. The first of three volumes, this documentary-style biography — told both in his own words and in firsthand accounts from his peers — and retrospective includes Wilson’s childhood drawings, his early contributions to Zap, his collaborations with William S. Burroughs, and his work for Arcade. Preeminent underground comics scholar Patrick Rosenkranz (Rebel Visions) paints a revealing portrait of the Midwestern artist who hid his shyness behind an outré persona — and held a cutlass to the throat of the establishment.