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A Partial Guide To Legendary Sites...

Legendary sites, similar to magical locations, are areas with special properties or effects from which a character might gain a significant benefit.

Magical locations are areas that have been crafted by mighty magic or imbued with ancient power. 

They are hard to find and harder to use, and confer their powers but rarely. 

Legendary sites, in contrast, are places where great works have been wrought and where seemingly impossible deeds have occurred. 

These locations have a lesser kind of power. 

A site such as a sandy beach where an explorer stepped for the first time, or a plaza where a long-fallen marvel once towered, pulses with its own renown, if not with true magic. 

The stories that inspire these places and make them famous lend them reputations that can be shared by those who brush with such a site’s notoriety. 

Characters who visit these sites of historical import, incredible acts, mystery, and great danger come away changed, not just in the eyes of the public but in their own hearts as well…

Such legendary sites need not be unique. 

Their inspirational effects might develop wherever a spot becomes imbued with a momentous event or spectacular achievement.

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Finally, in glorious HD quality… PLUS KALTENEKER!!! 🐮

♫ My milkshakes scares all the Alteans from the yard… ♫

ADHD Lance idea

Idk, but I could see Lance and Keith sitting next to each other during downtime or a mission briefing or whatever and Lance just braiding little Hiccup braids in Keith’s hair without thinking about it.

“That’s...a lot.” [V;LD]

A Voltron: Legendary Defender fic, Klance.

  • Theme: Feelings, down with the rivalry, confessions
  • Pairings Klance (Keith/Lance)
  • Rating: Rated E for Everyone, swear warning
  • Words Total: 2285
  • Tags: confessions, kisses, dealing with feelings and the rivalry, Pidge thinks everything is hilarious, truth or dare, mutual pining, insecure Lance
  • Summary:

“Who’s your best friend on the ship?” Pidge asked, and Lance groaned off to the side, flopping backwards in his dramatics towards the boring question and only stopping to allow Pidge to tack on, “Shiro not included. He’s the obvious answer.”
“Uh, Lance probably.” And the world seemed to still.

Of course, in all of Lance’s years in space, the most surprising thing he’s ever heard is Keith saying they’re best friends.

Alternate Title: Lance can’t believe??? Anything Keith is saying.

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  They were twelve questions in, and Lance had painstakingly sat through only receiving two of them. Pidge and Hunk were smart enough not to pick him, and Keith had learned quickly that he’d take any dare from him. As it so happened, the idea of truth or dare was a very good and entertaining one, and was a decent way to pass the time when they were too wired to sleep, but no good questions were being asked, and Lance was dying. He was on his way out of this level of existence, writing in boredom, and Pidge made a insufferable show of lavishly thinking of a question for as long as she could. She called on Keith, who didn’t even blink, seemingly growing bored himself, before replying.

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Okay, so, I know, Studio Mir and all… but am I the only one who looks at Matt… 

… and is vaguely reminded of a certain someone design-wise who could bend all four elements?

I mean, sure… Matt may not have a goatee…

… but he and Wan have a fairly similar facial structure.

Both also don an outfit that covers the majority of their body, hands included.

And while their hair color isn’t the same, the length is (almost)…


And no TvTropes

Lotor Killing Narti isn’t a “You’ve outlived your uselfulness” moment, since Narti was an equal in Lotor’s inner circle. If anything, that trope should go to Haggar for mind controlling her so that she can see what Lotor was up to. Lotor killing Narti is more in line with “I did what I had to”. He wasn’t thrilled about Narti being used by Haggar to spy on him, and him, Zethrid, Ezor and Acxa aren’t exactly in a good mood after that occurred.

Date With Them: JAY PARK

Place: Paris

  • This is Jay we’re talking about, right?;
  • So nothing will be planned;
  • And you’d go where he’d want to, without really asking you;
  • But somehow, he’d still make it super enjoyable???;
  • At about mid-noon, he’d take you to some high-end restaurant;
  • You’d eat quickly;
  • And then he’d take you to the Disneyland because it’s Jay we’re talking about;
  • And you really better prepare yourself to go with Jay to a Disneyland;
  • Cause he’ll take you to every fucking ride available;
  • Giving you a maximum break of 10 minutes;
  • Before resuming his sugar-high spree once again;
  • You’d taste food and sweets from around half or more food stalls;
  • And loads and loads of pictures!;
  • What about matching bracelets?;
  •      Check!;
  • All in all he’d be a child let loose;
  • With own money so you couldn’t even stop him;
  • As the evening dawned;
  • And you could barely stand on your legs;
  • He’d notice that and carry you princess style;
  • With everyone staring;
  • But he could care less;
  • Guess where he would take you?;
  • The legendary dating site;
  •      a.k.a the Ferris Wheel;
  •           Because even Jay can be a cliché romanticist;
  • And as you two would reach the top he’d say all of his thanks to you;
  • And all of his sorries ;
  • And then you two would kiss;
  • As you’d get home it might go in two directions;
  • He’d either find some comedy/ horror movie for you two to watch with plenty of pizza and ice-cream;
  •      Because the fancy food was not good at digesting;
  • Or you two would just go straight to the bedroom and celebrate your honest confessions.

This is a gift for amazing @polarspaz and their doodles - mostly because of their amazing AU’s (And because of them I started watching Thundercats 2011 - too bad the series is canceled.)

Anyway Thundercats AU, crossover with polarspaz​‘s version - In short, the crew found out that Lance was  Thundercat, and they also know that Keith is half Galra-Altean and that he can shapeshift into any race he sees. Few years later, Lance and Keith are captured by Druids, which are fascinated by Lance’s new appearance. The druids then experiment on Keith, all in order to make another Thundercat, because they thought they were all extinct until they saw Lance. Thankfully, the crew rescued them, but Keith is locked on his Thundercat appearance because of Galra’s experimenting and can’t change back. That made him sad because he believes he will never be human again, which is when Lance tells Keith that being human is overrated and that he looks amazing and that he is supper happy because he is no longer alone.

[other voltron art] I also suck at backgrounds, forgive me. Also, you might have recognized the win win pose…
Edit: slightly edited Keith’s eyes :)

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How To Avoid Fandom Discourse On Tumblr (And the urge to throw your device out the window):

Step 1: Make an account

Step 2: Post nothing. At all.

Step 3: Never reblog anything. At all.

Step 4: You can like things. But never push the ‘like’ button.

Step 5: Screenshot things you like. But remember, no posting.

Final Step: Once you’ve inevitably lost your mind from either not remembering anything, or if you’ve just said ‘fuck it’ and are doing what you want, delete your tumblr and get everything from screenshots on pinterest.

It’s here! Today is the day! Voltron season 2 release date! (つ◉益◉)つ

*Throws half naked Klance @ you* 

Keith.exe has stopped working.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Heacanon- Guardians of Altea

Headcanon that the Voltron lions aren’t based off of Earth lions.  They’re based off of the five Guardians of Altea, who happen to look quite similar to Earth lions.  Voltron is the god who created them in the myth, the god of protection and battle.

Voltron, God of Protection and Battle: among the most powerful of the old deities, a giant who created the five Guardians of Altea.  He was created himself by the union of the five elements into one being from the formation of the planet itself, and gave each of the Guardians the essence of their element from his own.  Ancient Alteans used to pray to him before embarking on dangerous journeys, going into battle, or anything else that ran a high risk of danger.  Also the most benevolent of the old deities, he would supposedly descend to the mortal plane to mingle rather often.  However, when angered, he could move mountains, change the course of rivers, rewrite the map with just a flick of his hand.  Immensely powerful, and immensely revered for it.

Ebonyx, the Guardian of Sky: embodiment of air and flight and freedom.  Voltron shaped her from wind and clouds in the midst of a whirling tempest.  She is the eldest of the Guardians, who watches over her sisters from above and will not hesitate to keep them in check.  Legends tell of storms whipped up from a swipe of her paw, hurricanes that leap from her jaws with a thought, and howling winds that echo with the shadow of her roar.  She is the calm before the storm and sometimes, sometimes, it is said that you can see her silhouette prowling the clouds during the fiercest of weathers.  Those of evil beware for she is all-seeing, all-knowing, and she has also been called the Guardian of Justice because she protects her own and will not hesitate to destroy all that she sees as threats.  Yet, she is also kind and understanding, calm until someone foolishly raises her ire.  

Blazyrae, the Guardian of Fire: embodiment of heat and flame, rage and passion.  It is said that Voltron shaped her from the lava of a great volcano, that her roar can trigger eruptions, and that her every pawstep scorches the earth.  At her core is magma, blistering hot and capable of near-bottomless fury.  She is the most ferocious and temperamental of the five, wild and untamed and fickle.  She does not give her favor lightly, but for her chosen– oh, she would set the world alight to see them safe.  For her own she takes only the bravest of warriors, those with courage in their hearts and the instincts of true fighters.  First, though, they must prove themselves to her, prove that they have the power she acknowledges.  Once she’s chosen then she is loyal, too, but do not mistake her favor for immunity because she is also righteous and proud.  She gives her followers strength, and she can take it away if she deems them unworthy.  

Oceadrya, Guardian of Water: embodiment of rivers and seas, ice and cold.  Voltron built her of frozen crystals and gave her life, gave her the spirit of the ocean in all its forms.  She is the most playful and friendly of the Guardians, easy to please and quick to dispense her acceptance.  She pounces in the curl of tides, hunts silent in the mist and snow, roars in the crash of waves on shore.  She is especially fond of children, and thus was asked to bless newborns in hopes that they would lead good lives.  However, like the ocean, she has her darker sides.  Sailors prayed to her and cursed her in equal turns, for she was also deadly currents and riptides and all the unstoppable force of a tsunami.  There is more to her than she seems, for icebergs are almost always larger beneath the surface.  She chooses those with strength of heart, with great potential and adaptability and capacity for trust.  

Geodaryn, Guardian of Land: embodiment of earth and power and stability.  Born in the heart of a great mountain, Voltron made her of stone and bedrock pulled from the center of the planet itself.  She is the hills and the plains and the endless desert, trailing earthquakes from her pawsteps and calling sandstorms with her roar.  Calm and quiet, she is the guardian of teachers and wanderers and those in need of homes.  She chooses those with steady hands and ready smiles, always prepared to help others.  Myths said that she could see into a person’s very soul, capable of judging their character from the heart.  She can be more devious than she seems, though– watch out for sinkholes and quicksand; tread lightly on her path and do not become complacent.  For she is the earth itself, and must be treated with respect accordingly.  If not… well.  Any fools soon learned the horror of having the very ground they walked on turn against them.

Sylveli, Guardian of Forest: embodiment of creation and life, growth and plants.  Voltron grew her from a seed that he planted in barren soil, nurturing her until she sprouted fully-formed, bringing a massive tree and sprawling jungle with her.  Patron of inventors and explorers, she is innovation and new life and creativity.  Flowers bloom at her paws, woods come alive at her passing, and though she is the smallest she is also the smartest.  Sharp-eyed and quick-witted, she favors those with intellect and just enough daring to see their plans through.  For she is nature, flora and fauna and sometimes she can be cruel but it is for the best.  Survival of the fittest, however harsh things may be.  She is clever and deceptive and sly, but would go to the end of the world to protect those she has claimed as hers.  The most vengeful of the Guardians, she is also patient, precise, always waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

It’s time for #TrilobiteTuesday! Located in the outskirts of the small town of Georgia, Vermont, is a legendary trilobite-bearing site known as the Parker Quarry. Renowned American paleontologists including James Hall and Charles Walcott examined specimens emanating from the locale’s Lower Cambrian layers as far back as the late 19th century. In the mid-years of the 20th Century, however, it was believed that the Parker Quarry had either been played out by overzealous digging or had simply been lost to the whims of modern development. However, in early 2012 a small team of determined trilobite enthusiasts studied old reports regarding the site’s possible location and commenced a detailed investigation designed to find out if the layers still existed. It took more than two years of on-and-off visits to rural Vermont before an outcrop of what was believed to be the original Parker Quarry was discovered – located squarely in the midst of an active cow pasture. This strange-looking Elyx sp. is one of the results of their efforts.

R.I.P. Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner who founded Playboy magazine 64 years ago died of natural causes Wednesday at age 91 at the Playboy Mansion. Hefner started Playboy in 1953 to create a men’s magazine that featured nude women, prominent interviews, feature articles and fiction. Marilyn Monroe was on the first cover before she became famous. America had never seen such a magazine and Hefner received credit for being the leader of the Sexual Revolution. But his progressive approach to sexuality caused him to clash with authorities who were not always ready to embrace the future. In 1963, he was arrested for promoting obscene literature because the magazine had nude photos of Jayne Mansfield. The case resulted in a hung jury. There was an emphasis on the nude bodies in the pages but the magazine was just as known for publishing some of the most important writers of the 20th century including Hunter S. Thompson, Margaret Atwood and Gabriel Garcia Marquez among others. Alex Haley famously interviewed Miles Davis for the publication in the ’60s.

Playboy magazine was the catalyst for Hefner’s Playboy clubs where Dick Gregory got his first big break after Hefner saw him performing in a Chicago night club. In 1959 he started the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Chicago Stadium in his hometown that would host the biggest names in jazz over the decades. He was the host of Playboy’s Penthouse and Playboy After Dark for two seasons in the ’60s. The Playboy Mansion was a site where legendary parties took place with some of the biggest entertainers in attendance.  The University Of Southern California’s School Of Cinematic Arts and the Much Love Animal Rescue were two of many organizations to receive his philanthropic efforts through his Hugh M. Hefner Foundation. Playboy inspired Douglas Lambert to create Playgirl magazine in 1973 which featured photo spreads of nude men marketed to women. In the ’80s’ when Vanessa Williams was involved in the naked photo scandal that took away her Miss America crown Hefner refused to buy the pictures and publish them because he did not want to embarrass her and he understood that her nomination was a historical moment for Black people. He championed the legalization of gay marriage and he eventually became a political independent after previously supporting the democratic party. Hefner also appeared in a number of films during his lifetime and last appeared in 2008’s The House Bunny.

Watch The Brand New Heavies, Siedah Garrett and Q-Tip in the video for The Ummah remix of “Sometimes” that was filmed at the Playboy Mansion and features early footage of Hugh Hefner:

DM's Law #29 Big World, Small Arcs
  • Dr. Dungeon Master: When creating a game, it's good to have a balance between a vast world, but small story arcs. This creates an immersive setting but gives freedom for the players to affect the story.
  • Dr. DM: When first creating a setting, create a big world. Draw a map and fill out the basic details (different nations, a few cities, major landmarks). Then come up with relative descriptions of each nation (this nation has a lot of Chinese culture similarities, this one is Greek with Magicians for Royalty, this one is a desert waste land full of dragons and their worshippers, etc.) Now you have a basic rough draft of your world, explain to your players the ideas behind the world setting and the nations so they can work those into their backstories.
  • Dr. DM: Avoid the temptation to fill in every detail/town/and legendary site right now. As your players go along, fill in the finer details of the maps, but only give them the general understanding of the world. This improves the sense of exploration and discovery if they mark new locations on their map as they go.
  • Dr. DM: Also, keep the story arc ideas short. Don't create a vast world with a long plot set for the characters, because Players will never go along the destined path so easily. Instead, have general ideas of where you'd like the plot to go, but plan in between sessions how the story will continue. Think of each session as a chapter or episode, and don't move on to planning the next session until you know how the current one will end.
  • Finally: A big world will make new players feel like it's immersive and open, and small arcs will give them room to shape it for themselves.