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When bae texts you and you just stand there smiling at the notification 


Nothing like de-stressing with Altean!Lance. I couldn’t decide which hair I liked better so I did all of them :3c

  • Me: Nuoh, I just finished the second season of Voltron. Let's find out if there is any spoiler about Prince Lotor.
  • ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ
  • Me: ... Lancelot? What am I missing here? Did I just watched the wrong show? Are you seeing something I'm not? Are there any extra episodes that I am not aware of? Please, tell me where Lancelot come from!
  • Fandom: The ship does not require any worthless explanation ù____ù SHIIIIIIIIIIP!

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Can you do some Lance x s/o x Keith headcanons, please? I'm seriously down this rabbit hole.

same here anon, i love lance x reader x keith polyship stuff, it’s the good shit. (▰˘◡˘▰) ~ Mod Lyra

  • sleeping in bed was a bit of a challenge at first? neither keith or lance wanted to even touch each other on the bed even if their s/o slept in the middle and for the longest time they all simply held hands. After a while everyone got a bit more flexible on the bed, now a days Keith and Lance curl incredibly close towards their s/o, and sometimes there are days where they all spoon, their s/o feels like a pillow sometimes but everyone is comfortable and warm, so they welcome it. now it’s just one big cuddle pile and nobody really cares who is touching who. 
  • In hotter periods, they try not to stick to each other too much because it gets a bit too hot. Lance clings to the bae regardless because he’s a clingy sleeper, Keith won’t but he enjoys knowing they’re there.
  • Keith never getting used to Lance’s dirty jokes or innuendos, or the pick-ups lines directing at their s/o, like stop you heathen. but low-key asking Lance later like, your dumb jokes make our s/o laugh, so tell them to me, and Lance has a field day, because keith is asking him for help, haha, okay, bud, he’ll teach you the ways of the lance “love doctor” mcclain.
  • Keith still trying to deliver proper jokes to them but he fails upon delivery, his s/o still laughs and finds it cute when he tries and Keith thinks it’s a success because they smiled, so he considers it a win in his book.
  • Kisses !! good grief, Lance and Keith compete for kisses, Keith does it less because he is an awkward bab, but Lance gives kisses to their s/o at every turn, calls them sweet and showers them in affection. Keith tries to give his s/o as much attention when he can, when he feels comfortable, it’s very soft and subtle, sometimes his kisses feel like if he presses too hard then he’ll break his s/o. sometimes they both end up kissing their s/o on the cheek at the same time and they really love it, s/o erupts into a fit of giggles.
  • Lance enjoys doing skin care stuff with his s/o, they exfoliate and do those masks and everything, it’s a lot of fun, keith doesn’t understand the passion for scrubbing beads or face cleanser or scented shampoos but it smells really nice, so he’s kind of; “OK, sounds cool” about it. he won’t wear the masks and everything but he’ll try it for the heck of it. 
  • Lance gives Keith heck when he’s extra cuddly and affectionate towards their s/o and when lance sees…b o y. Lance likes to poke fun because keith is such an awkward baby usually around their s/o and everything. So it’s just prime time material for giving him heck. Keith gets irritated sometimes and will honestly threaten to kick Lance’s ass.
  • lazy mornings are fun if not a giant mess, but everyone gets lazy morning kisses and getting out of a shared bed is a task, who’s leg is that, who’s chest are they touching, and oh god that’s someone’s crotch. it’s a chore to drag everyone out of bed, because Keith likes to sleep in and Lance needs all of his hours of sleep sometimes, also they can be a bit clingy so sometimes when the s/o wants to get out of bed, they have to sit there and wait for the boys to wake up. 
  • pls wake up they have to pee….