legendary sandwich

So I heard you like Shiro? I’m so proud of myself for actually finishing this and not leving it half-done on my desktop for 6 months (like I usually do~~). PS I know his mouth is uneven (he’s biting his lip, you just can’t tell because I HAVE NOT ZE SKILLZ… oh well).

I recorded this, too, so expect a speedpaint soonish. Enjoy~

Closeup below the cut aww yis:

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Part of me really wants to see Lance’s insecurities in season 3 manifest as he sees easy going Blue quickly accept a new pilot while he struggles to bond with the impulsive and stubborn Red lion.

But the rest of me wants a scene where the paladins are getting ready for their first training session with their new partners. Black accepts Keith without a fight, putting the team first as any good leader would. Red is sitting in the corner, nails clenched and growling softly. Lance is saying goodbye to Blue, petting her paw gently as he tells her to be good to Allura (he avoids looking at the Altean princess wearing his armour). He leaves her and approaches Red, who shifts back, hackles raised.

Then Blue, feeling the ball of pain and heartache and home sickness and insecurity flowing through her space son from their bond, jumps between them, nestling Lance between her legs protectively, teeth bared at Red. 

And roars.

keith doesnt understand big sandwich???

Imagine how Burgerpants would feel if we told him how things work in America.

“What’s that little buddy?
You say that from where you are, having a full time job at 19 is rare? You are pulling my leg!”
“…student loans? Minimum wage? Sorry little buddy, I guess old men like me don’t know all the new lingo….. How much?…. Humans have to pay how much? But a one time fee of 1000 gold is all it takes down here… Two to four jobs? For how much? That’s less than a legendary hero sandwich! Why, little buddy that can’t be right, it’s okay, Mettaton berates me on not being able to do math all the time, it does help he has a built in calculator. Let me use the calculator on the register….”

“Oh….little buddy… At that interest rate… And that pay…. For that many hours… And an unemployment rate for the age group of elderly 19 year olds like myself being that high… You get sent to jail for smoking blunts?…..and all anyone cares about is what the popular attractive people say? There are people famous just for being attractive and coming from popular families?….”

“Little buddy. Take this cleaver I use to dice up the glue blocks in the back. Go on. Kill the king, do anything you have to, release the human souls. Whatever ya do, don’t let him break that barrier. I ain’t worked to get where I am today to lose everything. ”

How To Have A Good Weekend (Like Guy Fieri Would)

-cover your entire house (or child) with flame decals

-Lube up that tired body with some good ole fashioned ranch dressing

-Hear somebody say “I’d eat a sneaker if it was covered in this chil.” Grab em, scream “put your money where your mouth is brotha,” place the chili shoe under the broiler with cheddar and sit his ass down

-enter a restaurant kitchen unasked 

-eat a grilled sandwich and announce to the table “what sticks out about this sandwich is the flavor of the cheese”

-Tell all you know about the legend of Flavor Town, a community ruled only by legendary killer sandwiches, where the rivers flow with sausage gravy, where the car wheels are whole pizzas, where doctors just throw their hands up in indignation, where you’ve been dead for 30 years

-listen to Staind with the windows down, driving 100mph into a old school hamburger joint, eat the car

-Eat a corn dog on the toilet

-Stick a handful of large silver skull rings into a rising pizza dough

-Place your hand in a deep fryer and eat it

-fill a hose with nacho cheese

-Hear “when ANGELS HEARD, THE NEWS TODAY” on radio in a local 7-11 and jump directly into the rotating hot dogs, mouth wide OPEN, UNDER THE SUNLIGHT

-wear sunglasses on the back of your head and when somebody asks why, tell em it’s cuz you ordered 36 appetizer platters and you want to see that fresh fry comin’ right out of the kitchen

-Place two sandwiches and a variety of tacos directly on top of each other, eat em while you watch Spike TV’s Tattoo Nightmares

-Scream “SAMMY HAGAR” with your mouth full

First Teen Titans Go! episode: the plot revolves around the characters being obsessed with sandwiches.

Okay, show, this just doesn’t work. This isn’t like TMNT with pizza. Everbody loves pizza. Nobody loves sandwiches because sandwiches are generic. They’re the thing you eat when you’re too lazy or poor to make a better lunch. Come up with a good food for your main characters to go crazy about.

Second Teen Titans Go! episode: the plot revolves around the characters being obsessed with pie.