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  • Keith: I love Mothman. Mothman is my husband and the love of my life. I long for the day he comes back from the war
  • Also Keith: *sees a moth* high pitch screaming

Excited for Skull Island! So some Fan Art! First, a Kong 2020 Concept Image. Essentially, this is Kong when he has matured and grown up to fight Goji in 2020. Also, had to give him his ‘special ability’.

And then, the fun piece, I put together a monsterverse cinematic timeline. This features the four movies we have and are coming out, and the rest are movies I would love to see happen! (Legendary can totally get their hands on the big turtle, come on now) I decided not to separate it into phases, but it could either be Phase 1 ends after GvK, or after. You decide.

Just to reiterate, this is all fan art, NOT REAL!

Pacific Rim Uprising Premiere Date Pushed To March 2018

Pacific Rim Uprising Premiere Date Pushed To March 2018

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Deadline has reported that Pacific Rim Uprising’s premiere date has been pushed from February 23, 2018 to March, 23, 2018.  Due to the change the film will no longer compete with Marvel’s Black Panther so it should have a stronger presence in the box office.  For those who are unaware the film is the sequel to 2013 Pacific Rim film directed by Guillermo del Toro.  Pacific Rim Uprising is directed…

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Tried whipping up a very quick and hastily made guide to the MonsterVerse media so far! Things are kinda ramping up now that two films have been released and a third film/second Godzilla film is in production! News has been coming in left and right and I’ve been pretty excited, so why not throw this out there for those that are late to the party and wanna know where to start?

This includes all the current films and comics! I did ignore the official novelizations of the films as they don’t really add anything to the universe.

Will be updating this and adding to this whenever news comes out!

Ziam Masterpost: 1 of 48943587 reasons to believe in Ziam

These two dumbasses like expressing their love by giving each other gifts such as necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accesories that mean something for them. 

So me and strangefurydream decided to make a post about most significant ones. 


Cartier bracelet

So on  February 14th 2015 on the OTRA Melbourne concert, Zayn was spotted wearing a gold bracelet. At that time he didn’t actually wear lots of gold bracelets, so that was kinda unusual.

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Listen up, legendary Pictures! The fans have spoken: here’s Kaijusaurus’ first followers wishlist, and it’s for the upcoming King Kong spinoff Skull Island.. Thanks to magnaz888, squid-in-a-party-hat, networktwentythree, invokingbees, astoundingbeyondbelief, raffleupagusleviathan0999, and soylentgreenispeople for submitting their thoughts!

Reasons I’m not at all bummed about Pacific Rim 2 having a new director:

  • It’ll allow Del Toro to focus on other projects as a director without being tied down to a franchise (one that’s on life support, at that). And while Del Toro is notorious for having plenty of false starts during his career, I think handing over the reigns of Pacific Rim 2 will really allow him to focus his career and carefully select what he wants to tackle next.
  • I don’t feel like the world of Pacific Rim is one that only exclusively Guillermo Del Toro can successfully bring to the screen. While Del Toro is undoubtedly a much more competent filmmaker than George Lucas (and that Steven S. DeKnight is no Irvin Kershner), it’s always important to remember Lucas never directed The Empire Strikes Back.
  • I understand people are concerned about DeKnight’s lack of theatrical directing credits, but the guy’s body of work on TV so far is undoubtedly solid, and has attracted plenty of critical acclaim.
  • Speaking of The Empire Strikes Back and DeKnight’s TV career thus far, I feel like we might be in for something of a darker sequel - both tonally and visually - which is fine by me. Follow the example set by Star Wars and the conclusion of the first film - the destruction of the Death Star/closure of the Breach is a significant and important victory, but the threat is still looming and possibly stronger than ever.
  • DeKnight tweeted soon after the announcement that he grew up on Ultraman, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, and Space Giants.
  • Most of all, Del Toro not only trusts DeKnight to take over the franchise and do a good job, but seems enthusiastic about his appointment. That’s reassurance enough for me.

Overall, I think this announcement is good news, and I’m very optimistic about what DeKnight can bring to the sequel. Let’s at least see what the guy can bring to the table before we start begging for Del Toro to come back.