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Interviewer: “So what’s the relationship between Lance and Keith?”

At 2:00 AM

Me: You know I feel like the world was just waiting for klance. Like have you noticed how their “rivalry” matches every subtextual anime yaoi couple like ever and how many times fire and ice are put together in the same sentence or how rubies and sapphires compliment each other and how many red and blue gays in cartoons there are or how the colors red and blue tend to be on opposite sides but kind of in sync with each other I mean we have red and blue political parties, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Garnet is Ruby and Sapphire, Finn wears blue and has dated the Fire Princess, and like the same company made Avatar and there was a lot of shipping with Korra and Mako or Zuko and Katara and hell even Korrasami is kind blue and red and you know there’s that saying that goes “opposites attract” and not to mention like every Ghibli couple makes me think of Klance like doesn’t it make you think of klance? And there’s Yuri on Ice where the two yuri’s wear red and blue respectively like I’m just saying the world has been waiting for Klance although it was kinda a thing in the 80′s Voltron too like come on you can’t tell me they didn’t have chemistry and in the other remakes you can TOTALLY tell they were gay for each other even if Allura kept being paired with Keith but that’s just cause he was the leader at the time like no way in hell-

Roommate who has had to listen to this every day since June: omg please stop.