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The Fender “Dragon” Telecaster. It was a gift from Jeff Beck to Jimmy Page when he was yet in The Yardbirds. It’s a Fender Telecaster 1958, originally white.

Page added eight reflective circles, it is said as a tribute to Syd Barrett. But in early 1967 he completely painted guitar, drawing a dragon himself on the wood.

The guitar still exists but with a different look because a friend of Jimmy Page deleted the dragon while he was on tour. Upon returning, his friend told him that he had made “a gift” but found that the new finish was not to his taste and the paint had affected the functioning of the entire circuit and the bridge pickup. Jimmy Page dismantled the mast to install it in its Fender Telecaster B-Bender brown. The Fender “Dragon” Telecaster was used for the last time May 2, 1969.


“I was still at Ryerson University working for the school paper when they needed someone to shoot the Alice In Chains gig at the Concert hall. It was very last minute so I ended up going to the show with 100 speed film in my camera and no flash. From what I remember I shot from the crowd as they didn’t have barriers at gigs back then. I knocked off a few rolls and stayed for the show. Great set for a band I actually never heard of before. I was sure the shots would suck but to my surprise are some of the shots I’m most proud of to this day.” - Ron Orchard

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I saw a band last month called Masked Intruder. These cats were on stage with color coordinated masks/instruments and for some reason, I start thinking them as the cast of Voltron. And I'm conflicted because Pidge would be too smol to be playing guitar.

there are no people too small or instruments too big


in case any of y’all wanted to see me and @fandoms-at-random sing “lucky” in our klance jackets ;) 


voltron + aesthetics // main character - shiro

“Go. Be great.“


Words I’ll Never Say, But My Guitar Will

Warning: This is a vent piece. If you dislike vent art and vent descriptions then please click away.

So, yesterday was the fourth month of my ex and I’s splitting. It’s been a rough and it honestly feels like eight months. I am not going into detail on what happened because it was a confusing, bloody, UGLY break up and it… It’s not good to remember. I already feel tortured by thinking about what has happened in the… 9 months (?) him and I were together.

Every day does get a little easier. I don’t wake up crying anymore or feel confused when my Kik app doesn’t have messages. I do sometimes have dreams about him though and those kind of hurt me for that morning or that day. I do think about what happened daily, whether it’s briefly or in detail. I honestly feel better than the first few months without him.

But Friday and yesterday were some really hard times. I cried so much I exhausted myself. I somehow had the inspiration to draw, which is surprising not only due to my major sadness, but the fact school has made me terribly exhausted.

But anyways, this is just something to relieve the tension in my heart. Though I am very sad by this, I wish him well. He deserves happiness and I hope his life and mental health is content.

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Since Armani White’s last release, the well-received “Picture Perfect”, the Philly native has been practically living in the studio working on new music. Today we are proud to present the first new track from those sessions titled “Secret Handshake”. For a description I’ll let Armani take it from here…   “Secret Handshake boasts an illustrious lifestyle while still battling with my insecurities as an artist in one mood swing. The song kicks off with a high energy recollection of successions and scandals spread across synth pads, live guitars and viola strings. KilConfirmed rolls a smooth bass solo across the hook that segues into a more sensitive second verse.”
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