legendary guitar


“I was still at Ryerson University working for the school paper when they needed someone to shoot the Alice In Chains gig at the Concert hall. It was very last minute so I ended up going to the show with 100 speed film in my camera and no flash. From what I remember I shot from the crowd as they didn’t have barriers at gigs back then. I knocked off a few rolls and stayed for the show. Great set for a band I actually never heard of before. I was sure the shots would suck but to my surprise are some of the shots I’m most proud of to this day.” - Ron Orchard


Happy @lanceweek 

YEEEE//// Gosh, I was so happy drawing this that I forgot it was 3 AM then I’m still up at 4:30- I love this boy so much I dropped everything and gave all my love <3 <3 (I am so sorry but I am new to PT Sai?? And I’m scared to line-art) 


voltron + aesthetics // main character - shiro

“Go. Be great.“