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mythology meme | Slavic legendary creatures - Sirin

Sirin or the Bird of Sorrow is a magnificent but cruel bird-maiden of Russian legends. Her body of a giant bird of prey is covered in thousand midnight-coloured feathers and a set of sharp claws, big enough to crush a horse. From the chest up, she’s of human appearance and her sinister face of a beautiful woman is adorned by a golden crown or nimbus. Sirin lays her precious eggs on distant seashores before casting them into the waves. When the eggs hatch, a thunderstorm sets over the oceans till they become so rough that no soul can travel across.

She is a death-bringer. Her honey-tongued singing voice stupefies mortals, making them forget everything they had ever known in this world and announces their imminent death. People would attempt to save themselves from Sirin by shooting cannons, ringing bells and covering their ears but to no avail. Her terrifying smirk is the last thing they see before she plunges down at them with her claws and carries them away to the realm of death called Nav where she forever resides with her brighter counterpart Alkonost, her beloved sister otherwise known as the Bird of Joy.

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together Hunk

I love my baby so muuuuuuch. Eee so far Hunk and Shiro have been my favorite to draw (but don’t worry I love the other so so so much cx). Anywayyy yeh

Also it’s been kind of established now that in this AU, Hunk usually wears tanktops due to his wings being so big that when they came out they’d rip the shirts the School (really just Coran or Alfor) would give him. The others wear similar stuff of just tanktops or t-shirts as well, though they do it because it’s more comfortable to wear shirts like that.

Can we talk about how the first five regions handle legendary pokemon?

Like Kanto straight up does not have titanic legendary pokemon. They got three birds that technically go more with Johto and they’re locked in various locations where the average person cannot access them and these birds can’t get out. There’s Mewtwo (who was created by humans which is pretty sweet) and they’re just chilling in a cave that’s under League control and only the Champion can get in like Kanto’s got it handled. Like there is clearly an adult who isn’t Lance running this house and they got no time for foolishness.

Hoenn kinda scratched it’s head while two grown men in charge of cults awoke nightmare titans for their ecological terrorism and the Champion of the region sat back and said “WELP guess we’ll let this 12 year-old handle it”.

Johto is like “oh look this 12 year old’s got the feather of legendary blah blah let’s let them go try to summon it!”. Best case scenario they summon Ho-oh. Worse case scenario they go to the water realm and bring the legendary that can cause 40-day long storms with a flutter of its wings because that worked out so well for Hoenn with Kyogre.

Sinnoh actually has a police force detective trying to investigate another cult but fails to stop them and relies on a 12 y-o again at some points. The champion is there and ready to freaking kick ass. Like boy, you thought. Tell your change the world spiel to Cynthia’s left heel.

Meanwhile, Unova’s response to a mal-adjusted 12 year old summoning an ancient angry dragon willing and able to destroy the country is to go to another 12 year old and give them an artifact that may or may not summon another titan of destruction and hope that this child successfully does so because their grand plan is to have two children duke it out with god dragons on top of the only political structure we’ve seen and hope for the best while the leaders of different cities fight various lower-level criminals.


Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

Woooo thank you guys so much for all the love on Hunk. On another note: my babies, my boys- I feel sad cause I drew this XD Ahhhh Keith don’t be sad- Lance will be there to give you all the birb hugs ^v^

In the story, there’s going to be a looooot of stuff with Keith trying to surpress his Galra(Eraser) side and his fear that the others won’t approve of this (well, Shiro’s aware, but it’s primarily Lance really) and a lot of other stuff I’m not gonna tell you about- you’ll have to read the story in order to find out ;3