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I had to sell my left hand and half of my soul to find motivation to complete this project. I love how it turned out, and I’m proud of myself for finishing it, but God, was it hell to do.


Sheith Baby Driver AU

AHH so I saw Baby Driver this past weekend and I couldn’t help thinking of Keith because of the whole ace pilot / ace driving parallel. And of course, being who I am, I started thinking about Sheith AU’s. (Also this gives a whole new meaning to “Shiro loves you, Baby.” 😩) So here it goes!!!

(P.S. some stuff will be skipped just because it doesn’t fit perfectly but this is honestly just my self indulgent “Keith is a badass getaway driver who falls in love with the new, kind and soft waiter at his local diner while trying to get out of a bad situation” hehehe.)

(Also, this ended up being so much longer than I meant it to be and I hope it’s still cohesive.)

(P.P.S. spoilers under the cut! and very minor gore at the very end, sorta.)

  • Keith is an orphan kid who knows his way around cars and is really good at racing/driving.
  • When he was little, his parents died in a car crash (of which he was in the backseat of)
  • One time, he’s caught stealing a Mercedes from some dude named Lotor. Lotor turns out to be a some sort of crime boss (for Galra) who then sees great talent in Keith and recruits him to work as a getaway driver for various heists until the debt is repaid.
  • The heists often involve various people (think Lotor’s generals and Sendak, Haxus, and other Galra characters) and it’s a world Keith never meant to get involved in, but the Galra could’ve potentially killed him if he didn’t.
  • And so he drives. He’s an amazing shot at it and just knows how to maneuver around the freeways to avoid getting caught by the cops.
  • Then, one day, just when he thinks his life has devolved into this meaningless mess, Keith sees a new waiter at the diner he often frequents. It’s some tall, built guy who’s super sweet and kind.
  • When Shiro takes his order, Keith finds out Shiro’s name and is just so smitten. Shiro asks him what he does, but Keith doesn’t know how to tell Shiro he’s a getaway driver for some crime boss, so he just says he’s a “driver.” Keith is super interested but doesn’t want to get involved with him until he’s officially done with Galra business.
  • A few days later, after two more heists, Lotor finally tells Keith the debts are repaid. Keith intends to leave this whole thing behind and wipes his hands as clean as he possibly can from his work with Galra.
  • He hangs out with Shiro a lot at the diner and eventually asks him out on a date. They go out to some fancy restaurant and they have an amazing time.
  • At the end of the night, the waiter tells them some gentleman has paid for their meal. Keith looks around and makes eye contact with Lotor, who slips out of the restaurant. Keith excuses himself and follows.
  • Lotor likes Keith too much to really let him off the hook completely because he’s such an amazing getaway driver, and he’s made it his business to learn all these details about Keith’s life. He says he really needs Keith back for some jobs, adding an extra layer of threat:
    “You wouldn’t want that sweet guy Shiro to come to any harm, would you?”
  • Keith can’t see a way out. He’d never let anything happen to Shiro if he can help it, so he agrees to come back. Lotor lets him go back on his date.
  • At the end of the night, Keith tells Shiro that he’s not available at the moment to date, but can’t tell him why. They’re just sitting together in the car and it goes something like:
  • Keith: “You deserve someone better than me.”
    Shiro: “But I don’t want anyone else.”
    Shiro: *kisses him*
  • Keith kisses back but still puts up a boundary there about actually dating. He doesn’t go back to the diner after that because he’s on call again.
  • Keith grows restless because he never wanted to see innocent people get killed so he starts thinking about running away and taking Shiro with him.
  • He calls Shiro and asks, “If I hypothetically wanted to leave my life behind here and drive west until I hit the other side, would you come with?” – Shiro doesn’t have a reason to stay, and he loves Keith obvsiously, so he’s just like “Sure?” – Keith hangs up. He just wanted to know if Shiro was on board or not.
  • The next heist involves Haxus, Sendak, and Thorok. They meet up with some weapons dealer at some warehouse to acquire guns, etc. but when Sendak sees that they’re all cops, the three of them kill the cops, take the weapons, and go.
  • On the way back, Sendak sees the diner that Keith frequents (and the one Shiro works at), and orders him to stop for a snack. Keith refuses, wants to keep driving, but is eventually forced to go when Sendak turns a gun on him.
  • When he enters, Shiro is about to say hi, but pauses when he sees that Keith is accompanied by the strangest people ever, who’ve got some sprinkle of blood all over their clothes. Keith shrinks into himself when they make eye contact, but tries to not let off that they know each other in the presence of these guys from Galra.
  • Shiro isn’t sure what’s going on but is short with Sendak when they’re taking their order. When Shiro goes back to the cash register, Sendak asks if Keith knows Shiro, since there’s obviously something about their shifty glances, but Keith says he doesn’t. Shrugging, Sendak pulls out his pistol and is about to shoot Shiro when Keith grips his gun hand firmly, thinking “HELL TO THE FUCK NO YOU DON’T.” He gives no explanation for this but Sendak eventually decides not to kill Shiro.
  • When they return to the base, Lotor tells them those cops are secretly working with him and this totally puts them in trouble. Sendak promises some other way to get out of this mess.
  • So in the next heist, they try to steal blank money orders from a post office. When one of the crew (let’s say Thorok maybe) kills an innocent security guard, Keith just suddenly snaps. When they get in the car, Keith drives straight into the construction truck in front them with a metal bar sticking out of it - and this metal bar impales Thorok, who was in the front seat.
  • Keith gets out of the car and starts running. The rest of them are all running as cop cars start coming. He runs into a parking lot and hot wires a car, but then runs into Sendak/Haxus’s stolen truck too. The cops come and there’s a bunch of open fire, in which Haxus dies. Keith grabs the bag of money orders and gets away.
  • He steals another car, calls Shiro and tells him he’s going to pick him up ASAP. However, by the time he makes it to the diner, he sees Sendak there, waiting for him.
  • Sendak turns to Keith with a knowing look and is just, “I thought you didn’t know this guy.” Keith doesn’t talk. Sendak goes on to accuse Keith of killing his friends. He points the gun at Shiro, threatening to kill him.
  • Without warning, Keith pulls out a pistol and shoots Sendak in the arm. Grabbing Shiro, he pulls him outside and they run to the car and get away.
  • They stop at the base so Keith can tell Lotor they’re done but that there are cops after all of their asses. At first, Lotor doesn’t want to and just says, “It’s over.” But when he sees how much Keith loves Shiro, he relents and tells Keith that he had a similar situation of trying to escape back when he worked for his father, who was a kingpin named Zarkon.
  • In the end, he agrees to help. Telling Keith to take the bag of money orders, he suggests they drive as far as he can while he takes care of the rest.
  • When they reach the parking garage, some of the weapon dealers’ men show up and shoot at them. Lotor takes all of them down but gets injured in the process. Just as Keith and Shiro are about to drive away, Sendak shows up in a stolen car and kills Lotor.
  • Keith steps on the gas and drives. Shiro just looks at him with wide eyes and says, “So you’re that kind of driver. Okay.” but he’s totally smitten by how good Keith is at the whole car chase business
  • Sendak chases them around town, also shooting at them every other second. They end up in some other parking garage where final battle showdown happens. Keith tells Shiro he needs to finish this and completely bury the hatchet.
  • They climb into a huge truck, which Keith hot wires as well, and backs into Sendak’s car until it falls off the 5th story of the parking garage. However, Sendak had jumped out of the car and he fires his gun right next to Keith’s ear to temporarily deafen him. But before he can turn the gun on Shiro, Shiro comes up from behind and knocks it out of his hands.
  • Grabbing the gun, Keith shoots Sendak until he, too, falls off the ledge and dies.
  • Disoriented from his temporary deafness, Shiro carries Keith easily into the car and drives instead.
  • (Kind of skipping the ending but) They drive off together and live happily ever after. :)

The F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari Together at Fiorano

Seeing them all together at Fiorano was an unforgettable and very moving experience made all the more special by the fact that they were driven, one after the other, by the man that test-drove them on that same track throughout their development.

We’re talking, of course, about the F40, the F50, the Enzo and LaFerrari, the milestone cars in Ferrari’s technological evolution over the last three decades, and the great Dario Benuzzi, himself a fixture at Maranello since 1969. The legendary Ferrari test-driver drove each one of the cars in order, reliving the emotions of a lifetime career with the Prancing Horse in a kind of unique technological time-lapse sequence.


Rennsport Reunion V at Laguna Seca/USA

Porsche racing history comes alive this weekend at the Rennsport Reunion at the Laguna Seca Raceway in California. This unique class reunion is the largest gathering in the world for legendary Porsche race drivers and historic Porsche race cars. This year marks the fifth time that Porsche enthusiasts and collectors have traveled from all over the world to the demanding circuit in the dunes of Monterey. The three-day event south of San Francisco in the coastal city, in which John Steinbeck set his world famous novel “Cannery Row”, is a true Porsche festival. More than 50,000 visitors are expected at the Rennsport Reunion V on Sunday, with a diverse range of activities on the program, from races in seven different classes and exhibitions to autograph sessions.

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Starting a record.

#Jenks1955: “Thirty seconds before 7.22 a.m. Stirling Moss started the engine, the side exhaust pipes blowing a cloud of smoke over the starter and Signore Castagneto and Count Magi, the two men behind this great event.” – #mbMille


A new free-to-play Top Gear: Race the Stig game launches TODAY! 

Top Gear: Race The Stig allows players to drive some of the series’ most recognizable challenge vehicles including; Richard Hammond’s beloved 43-year-old car “Oliver”, Jeremy’s Italian police car complete with Ben-Hur wheels, James Mays’ amphibious Triumph Herald and the infamous indestructible pickup truck is featured as the ultimate shield against destruction.

Players will have to use their gaming skills to collect as many Golden Nuts as possible whie jumping and dodging around obstacles and other vehicles through some of the most iconic Top Gear locations while being chased and blocked by the show’s legendary tame racing driver The Stig.     

New content will be regularly added to the game including new iconic vehicles and locations, extra crash helmets, tougher challenges and more power-ups. Players will also be encouraged to compete with their friends via social media and will be rewarded for high scores.

The game has been developed by Supersonic Software, the team behind the highly successful Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution which has been downloaded over 10 million times around the world.

The game will launch simultaneously on Apple’s App Store, Amazon, Windows Phone and Google Play, so grab your devices and show The Stig what you’re made of!