legendary diva

Me: *Procastinating*

Me: Stares at Keith and Lance elevator pic

Me: @bibocas-valkiria put the cinderella shoe on Keith rn



To be honest I never thought she’d leave. And so abruptly at that. But it was her decision. She did all she dreamed about. She wrestled at Wrestlemania (and won both). She was not only a 3 time Divas Champion but was the longest reigning divas champion and nobody will probably come close to her reign for a long time. She was the most popular diva the WWE had seen since Mickie and Melina. She was one of the first divas in a long while to get merchandise.

She touched so many lives and told so many people that no matter where you come from you can do whatever you want to do if you had passion. She represented every single woman who came from nothing and EARNED a contract.

She is one of the most influential people I’ve ever seen and I will support her in whatever she does.

She dreamt. She did. She left a legacy.


In memory of Assi Rahbani, the well known lebanese musician and Fairuz’s husband, who passed away on 21 June 1986, Fairuz & Assi’s daughter released a video showing legendary diva Fairuz singing AVE MARIA, surrounded by lebanese cedars.

21 June 2014

It must be bizarre being the kid of a Broadway star, like some kid goes up to them and is all “OMG you know Bernadette Peters?!?!” and that kid’ll just be like “Oh, Auntie Bernie? Yeah she comes over like once a week” and that’s it, just another family friend who happens to be a legendary Broadway diva

Suki Kirai - Chapter 1

At long last, I started working on translating the Suki Kirai light novel. Like before, this is a speedy translation with awkward phrasing and probably a handful of mistakes in it, so keep that in mind while reading. I’ll try and keep a weekly pace with getting out new chapters.

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My favorite Japanese wrestler was Manami Toyota. I watch her matches and I’m in awe. I consider myself a high-flyer and I like doing things to make the crowd pop and to stand out from the other girls, but when I watch her I’m really amazed by what she does. There are things she can do that to this day I’m still trying to learn how to do.
—  Naomi, speaking on her favorite Japanese wrestler, the legendary Manami Toyota.
Chris Colfer anecdote in "Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index"


Actor, Author, Hope for Gay Mankind

Chris Colfer is so wonderfully talented, deserving of his Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for Glee, and I love that he’s a bestselling author, too. But he and I share something that I especially cherish, which is we love people over eighty.

When he was a guest on my talk show, and I asked him if he could be on with anybody else, whom would he choose, he said, “Angela Lansbury.” He openly mourned the loss of Elaine Stritch. This kid respects the greats and knows his classics — he’s working on a frickin’ Noël Coward biopic, for Chrissakes. I wasn’t surprised, then, to show up at his house for a backyard pajama party movie screening, decorated with outdoor couches and a popcorn machine, and see octogenarian Nebraska star June Squibb wrapped up in a blanket.

“Hi, June!”
“Hi, Kathy!”

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