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BRO-THINGS #4: That one time the Paladins went to visit Earth… and Kuro got Lance a kitty.

But Kuro has no idea what terran cats look like… so he grabbed the first animal he met and thought fit Lance’s describtion (”smol, fluffy and super cute”).

And that’s how they got a baby skunk as a team mascot.

They called her Empress.

[voltron] B R O
  • lance : *highlighting an entire page of his notes*
  • hunk : bro , you know you're only supposed to highlight the important things .
  • lance , without hesitation : *drags highlighter across hunk's arm*
  • hunk : bro , why did you do that ?
  • lance : because you're important to me bro .
  • hunk : BRO

Random Thought While Watching Voltron: Legendary Defender for the 359th Time - 

Shiro knows exactly how much Keith worries about him. His first thought isn’t to ask if Keith is okay - it’s to reassure Keith that he’s okay, knowing Keith would be freaking out concerned. And Shiro’s anything but okay. 

…which honestly makes Shiro talking to Keith about leading Voltron all the more heartbreaking. Shiro knows Keith doesn’t want to lose him again, and yet he has to press the issue in case - a) he dies on this planet and later b) Shiro can’t win against Zarkon, the universe’s greatest enemy, and loses his life while battling for the Black Lion. 

Beautiful Bromance in Dramaland

We love it when our favorite characters in a drama got crazy chemistry that involves endless bickering, awkward moments, a little bit of hatred but brotherly affection inside. When those things happen between good lookin dudes, it’s called bromance and that makes a drama more interesting to watch. So, let’s check out some of the beautiful bromance in dramaland!  

School 2013 - Go Nam Soon & Park Heung Soo 

The rollercoaster bromance, between ramen lover Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo. They were once best friends, turned enemies when Nam Soon broke Heung Soo’s leg by accident and crush his dream as a soccer player. But thanks to Teacher Jang Na Ra, they reconcile and are finally best friends again. 

Boys Over Flower - The F4

The exclusive bromance. The legendary F4. They are childhood best friends who share the same sophisticated wealthy lifestyle. Everyone has their struggle and sadness, but in the end they prove their friendship. Besides, they still support their buddy, Gu Jun Pyo, who curls his hair and wears that fur to school. That’s love. 

The Heirs - Kim Tan & Choi Young Do 

The hormonal bromance. They were childhood best friends, they fought due to hormones and family issues during puberty. Later they survived puberty, fell in love with the same ordinary poor girl. Though their old conflict was resurfacing again, they could find peace and reconciliation in the end. Bless them. Love is their moment. 

Jealousy Incarnate - Lee Hwa Shin & Ko Jung Won

The full of jealousy bromance, between a famous anchorman and his super rich buddy. They get jealous of each other because they fell in love with the same lady. Even though all the love triangle troubles are caused by Hwa Shin, later Ko Jung Won became a bigger person who chose friendship over love. Their drunk moment is the sweetest btw. 

Fantastic - Ryu Hae Sung & Doctor Hong Joon Gi

The in sickness and health bromance. A sad yet beautiful bromance between Hallyu star Ryu Hae Sung and a cancer patient/doctor Hong Joon Gi. They were love rivals who turn into best friends. Though their friendship was short due to sickness, the bond is strong. They bicker over stupid things, shop together, have deep talks, and eat ramen secretly during hospital stay. 

Oh My Venus - Coachnim and his boys 

The healthy bromance. Coach Kim Young Ho took in two little brother-buddies, MMA athlete Joon Sung and little manager Ji Woong. They stay together, overcome troubles together, train together, get healthy together and do the cute dance together. 

Cheer Up! - Kim Yeol & Ha Joon 

The surviving bromance. Ha Joon is a tortured soul who experienced a suicidal attempt, while Kim Yeol is so afraid that Ha Joon might disappear someday. Ha Joon knows about Kim Yeol’s fear so he’s trying his hardest to survive for his best friend. And as always, they happened to fall in love with the same girl. 

Descendants of The Sun - Captain Yoo Shi Jin & Sergeant Seo Dae Young

The military bromance. They always got each other’s back in the battlefield. They bicker sometimes as they are best friends, but Sergeant Seo always respects his big boss who has higher rank than him. In the end, nothing makes a bromance stronger than flying bullets and fanboying a girl group together. 

Bad Guys - Detective Oh and prisoner boys. 

The badass bromance, between a detective, a gangster, a contract killer and a genius psychopath. Though in the beginning they didn’t trust each other well but their special bond becomes stronger through every case. Together they fight crimes and support each other with their special skills. 

Another Oh Hae Young - Park Do Kyung & Jin Sang

The natural bromance, between two long time buddies who turn into brothers in law. Jin Sang might have given Do Kyung wrong advice at times but he always be there when Do Kyung is down and Do Kyung always saves Jin Sang from his troubles which makes their friendship so natural and beautiful. 

A Gentleman’s Dignity - Kim Do Jin and boys. 

The ahjussi bromance. 40s are the new 20s for Kim Do Jin, Im Tae San, Lee Jung Rok and Choi Yoon. They are successful mature men with boys at heart when they hang out together. Through ups and downs they manage to protect their friendship, survive their love life and maintain their dignity. 

The Three Musketeers - Crown prince and his warriors

The historical bromance, back in Joseon era when a crown prince wants to fight crimes in his country secretly. He gathered a group of warriors who loyally follow him to set justice and peace in the country. 

Hwarang - Dog Bird & Mak Moon

The till death do us apart bromance. Mak Moon and Dog Bird/Moo Myung grew up together as orphans, Moo Myung is a fearless fighter and adventurer while Mak Moon is cowardy and weak. They always stay together and protect each other. Even though their friendship ends up in sadness but it’s really amazing to see them sacrificing themselves for each other till the end.

Goblin: The Lonely & Great God - Goblin & Grim Reaper

The immortal bromance. Goblin accidentally saved a missing soul who was supposed to be taken by the Grim Reaper. One is hot, one is cold. They share a mysterious conflicted fate yet fate brought them to live together as housemates. Since they have been living for hundred years, they are both anti-social but they find each other’s company quite comfortable.

Ficlet: Yes, Sir

Summary: In his first year at the garrison, Keith comes within one demerit from being expelled. Shiro won’t stand for it. 

A/N: With the new season came a new headcanon for Shiro and Keith’s garrison relationship, and one of the things I noticed is that Keith only calls Shiro “sir” while in the battle. He never does outside of Voltron, so – hence this. 

“It’s his third disciplinary issue in the last week.” Commander Iverson’s gruff voice allowed for no complaint. “Ninth of the semester. If he gets one more, I’m going to have to expel him.”

Shiro dropped to the seat in front of the commander’s desk, his lips pressed in a firm line. “You can’t. He has nowhere else to go.”

“I know you had high hopes for him –” A hint of something – concern, exasperation, resignation – infiltrated his voice. “—but I can’t have a cadet who doesn’t follow orders.”

“Can you blame him? His father left him without even saying good-bye. He doesn’t remember his mother, and he lived for who knows how many years alone in a shack in the desert. He’s had no authoritative figure in his life, sir, and now he has a whole chain of command he’s told to follow. It’s a big adjustment.”

“You mean, attitude adjustment.” When Iverson turned to Shiro, there was nothing but sympathy in his usually stern gaze. “I know where you’re coming from. You were the one who found him and brought him here. You want him to do good, but we can’t save everyone, Shirogane, especially the ones who don’t want to be saved.”

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anybody on?? quick, leave me an ask (anon or not) with 2-3 character names and a place they are, and i might just write a bad 3 sentence fan fic about it!

(i haven’t done this in a while, so i’m bringing it back ;D)

can i just say how healing it is to have such a legendary irl bromance between tarjei & henrik that isnt torn to shreds by people shipping them together??? to have them unashamedly be good friends despite thousands seeing them kiss and hug and cry together im just. i love tarjei and henrik. i love that they dont pay any mind to those who fetishize them and i love that they can platonically love each other without worrying about who may talk negatively about them.

Ficlet: Basic Maneuvers

Summary: Hunk said in S3E1 that Shiro taught him everything he knows about being a pilot. Hence, this. (Plus, y’know, feels.)

They had been outside the castle two hours before Hunk even noticed the time. “Whoa! It’s eleven already? We’ve been at this all morning.”

"Hm. Hadn’t noticed.” Shiro focused on Yellow’s scanners.  "Hit the thrusters on your starboard to send Yellow into a barrel roll.“

Hunk listened, though muttered through the smooth motion, “Shiro, you’ve got to have better things to do on the fifth quintant of the spicolian movement than teach me new maneuvers.”

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I was just looking at pikky-pokky ‘s picture of keith 


And suddenly I was like, who does this remind me of?

Keith is also Lance from sym bionic titan. 

It’s a Sign that Lance x Keith were meant to be.

IT WAS COMPLETELY INTENTIONAL GO LOOK AT THEIR ART RIGHT NOW!!! ——> http://pikky-pokky.tumblr.com/ <————–


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