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Because I don´t know how to draw normal people anymore, a chibi Lance! I know it´s not very good but hey, I tried ^-^”

A little gift to cheer up for @thespace-dragon and @thesearchingastronaut to let them know how much I´m enjoying their work on “from the ruins we shall rise”.

I love his outfit so much and I can´t wait for the next chapter!

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Drabble: If you hurt her...

Percival stormed into Vax'ildan’s room with a determined look on his face. He found the half-elf paladin on a comfortable looking chair, his feet propped up lazily on his bed as he read a book.

“Can I help you, Percival?” Vax asked with his eyebrow raised.

Percival took a calming breath. “Alright. Let’s have it.”

“I beg your pardon.”

“I am courting Vex'ahlia,” Percival announced as if to a grand ballroom of guests.

“Funnily enough, I’ve noticed. What’s your point?”

“My point?! I’m dating your sister!”

“Yeah. And?”

“And you have nothing to say about that?”


“Are you seriously not going to say anything.”

“Percival, I swear to the Raven Queen I have no fucking clue what you want from me.”

“You know–threaten me? Warn me?”

Vax stared at Percival for a long moment, before he sighed.

“Let me get this straight. You want me to threaten you with bodily harm if you ever hurt my sister?”

“Yes. Well, no. Not want exactly. ”

“My twin sister? Vex'ahlia? The one who flies on a broom, firing arrows of lightning and fire from a legendary bow? Who can magically mark her prey and stalk them for days? The one who chose to dedicate her life to hunting dragons? And is quite good at it? The one who has a large, ferocious bear wrapped around her finger? That’s the one who needs *my* protection from *you*?”

Percival blinks.

“You know, when you put it like that…”

“Percy, I love you like a brother, and so this is the only warning I’ll ever give you. If you ignore her, belittle her, take her for granted, or, gods help you, hurt her, you know what’s going to happen?”

“Er, what?”

“She’ll leave you.”

There was a long moment of silence.

“Right,” Percival said with a high-pitched croak in his voice. “Good talk. Very productive. I’m off to buy Vex'ahlia something obscenely expensive now.”

“Good man.”

– End

Huntmaster Gorth’s Bow

Rarity: Legendary

This item is a +1 Longbow carved from purple heart wood with black metal fixtures and a black bowstring.  The bow is exceptionally heavy and requires great strength to draw.  This bow uses Strength as it’s modifier in place of Dexterity.  A creature hit with an arrow from this bow takes necrotic damage, and has disadvantage on all rolls until the user of the bow’s next turn.

fecipher twitter, 13-12-2016: “Mage General, Pent“ and “Lady of Violets, Louise“

[Card Reveal] The battlefield is a heartless place dominated by the rule of the survival of the fittest: kill or be killed. However, as the married couple Pent and Louise reaffirm their bond, it is the power of their warm, beautiful love that guides their comrades along the path of victory. They nurture their love, and the present and future generations are thus linked. (Illust. Miho Sasajima)

more fire emblem cipher series 7 translations!


Some time go i had a pleasure to draw a commission for a wonderful person who made a heroic effort to make a legendary bow and fight depression. The pleasure was all mine because to create this piece i had to

  • look at 10004057430 pictures of tigers
  • watch a tutorial about shooting a bow and shoot a sport bow
  • redraw 200050500300 pictures of tiger cubs 
  • read few long and interesting stories about the character (he’s a street superhero! how cool is that!)
  • did i mention photoreferences of tiger kitties with their thick snuggly paws?

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i’m just the weatherman, you make the wind blow

here it is!! the superhero au fic i’ve been working on for thalianca week! i’m very excited to post this! (even if it does get a bit rushed in the end) i’ve been working on and off on this thing for like. a month and it’s officially the longest oneshot i’ve written! i hope you like it!! (btw, phoebe is mute, not deaf, which is why she signs but no one signs back.)

“As if you could defeat me!” the baddie screamed, arms flailing and spit flying everywhere.

“Hey, say it don’t spray it,” Bianca muttered. She dodged another thorn the size of her head and pulled out an arrow from her quiver. Last one, she realized. “Well,” Bianca sighed, “better make it count!” She positioned the arrow and focused on her breathing, just like Artemis had taught her. The bad guy was taunting her, obviously trying to throw off her concentration.

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