legendary bloatfly

Fallout: New Vegas Zodiac
  • Aries: That weapon you're not strong enough to wield but you use it anyway
  • Taurus: The Great Khan to the right of Benny in the intro cutscene who looks so surprised the whole time
  • Gemini: The random-ass fucking locations your followers will sometimes fuck off to for no reason
  • Cancer: Tabitha's wig
  • Leo: That bugged door you can't go through because the game crashes every time
  • Virgo: The Legendary Bloatfly
  • Libra: The item literally named 'authority glasses'
  • Scorpio: The awkward prostitute dance animation
  • Sagittarius: One of the children eternally chasing that giant rat through the streets of Freeside
  • Capricorn: The jingle ED-E plays whenever he engages an enemy
  • Aquarius: A cazador with crippled wings doing that terrifying hop-walk towards you
  • Pisces: The empty syringe you picked up on accident by pressing 'take all'
Attack of the Brain part 5: Appendix

I finished what was nessisary here but I have some unfinished business.

Not beating this guy.  I love ‘em.

Thanks for saving us from Sonic Invasion.  Glad to have you on the team.

I’d call him “brainless” for this but he.. is.

Honey, remember where we parked!  In the wall!

Well this place looks inviting.

Thanks for the warning.

This guy appeared and froze.  I pushed him over.

AHH DON’T SHOOT.. oh, you’re a friendly hologram.


Now THAT’S science.

Oh no the Cloud has affected me and now I’m a mindless killer!  Nah just kidding.


Wow, bloatflies.  Havent’ had to fight one of these weaklings since just after I got shot.

Alright, now to take out this next OH SWEET ELVIS

Everyone here died without legs.  What’s with that?

I don’t often get a shot of the Mysterious Stranger, but when I do he’s still very mysterious.

Good bye, Big Empty.  I loved you for your science.

Aw.  A family of moles!

Next time, I finish some unfinished business I didn’t know was business or unfinished.