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Legendary Birds as Flappers - Articuno , Zapdos, and Moltres Gijinka (Sketch!)

Get it? Cause birds have wings?? They have flappers???? Nevermind. (although Zapdos is more like… a Vegas Show girl…)

This is still a work in progress; I plan to finish this into a full piece but I’m feeling lazy.

Pokemon Fusion - Artinine

Artinine dwell in the northern regions of Hoenn in small family units. They are classified as pseudo-legendary beasts because of their power and rarity in the wild. In the colonial years of the small region, Artinine were far more populace than they are today, but were hunted for their pelts and for their crest feathers, which were said to grant wishes to those that owned them.

Artinine are the only known Pokémon with the dual fire and ice category type. Their ability to breathe flames so hot that they are coloured blue is matched only be a few others, including mega-evolution based Charizard and other dragon types. As such, trainers that manage to breed or capture one are commended for their skill at taming such a beast.

Along with their raw elemental power, they are agile and strong hunters, taking down large mountain-dwelling Pokémon for prey, and are capable of using a wide array of attacks to do so. They are extremely difficult to capture, and even harder to breed in captivity, the chicks taking at least 5 years (or 60 months) to mature without supplements or training. For those that manage the task of raising one, Artinine are exceptionally loyal, and a powerful ally.

Second pokemon fusion, this time of Arcanine and Articuno! And i thought, hell yeah, blue demi-griffin! Loved doing this guy, plus i actually want one for my own now too. I am also pretty chuffed i managed to get this done in under two days. The background is a re purposed image from shutter stock, to note. A good piece of practice :)

Hope you like him!


I always thought it was kinda odd that they had both Moltres and Ho-oh in the series. I even named my first Moltres “Phoenix”, for reasons that should be apparent.

But Ho-oh literally lives up to the Japanese version of the Phoenix, in most every single way. Associated with destruction and rebirth… This flying fire-bird was supposedly the Pokemon that Ash saw on his first day. Without anyone know what the hell it was. 

And now I present to you something that looks like it would be right at home in Angry Birds.