legendary art directors


Bakemono no Ko directed by Hosoda Mamoru (Summer Wars, Wolf Children Ame to Yuki). Film used classical Hosoda camera movements like horizontal camera movement, camera drives etc. Very powerful and touching movie about individuals, loneliness and importance of parenting.

Backgrounds were marvelous. The contrast between two worlds was shown very clearly and beautifully, I’d expect nothing less from Hosodas team. 3 backgrounds studios with 3 art directors all escapees from former Ghibli studio who then joined Hosoda and legendary art director Hiromasa Oguras Ogurakubo. Each background studio and art director had their own fields which they were assigned to. While I’m not sure I heard (from japanese anitwitter) that they were divided each to take care of certain locations. One to make BG’s for the spirit world, other for Shibuya etc. This would be a classical way to divide the work, like they do in Ghibli, but take it with a grain of salt.


Legendary art director Shinji Kimura did what he could for Kekkai Sensen, but the collapse inside Bones resulted in the horrible conclusion of episode 12 airing 3,5 months after it was supposed to air.

Anyway here are some backgrounds from the last episode. Background art from studio Kusanagi and Studio Easter as well as Kimura’s own team.