Remember after Friendship Games came out how I made that post about everyone in the movie being gay for Sunset? The saga continues!

Bonus blurry background gays:

Oh, I’m sorry, I meant “BFFs.” You are not fooling anyone in either universe, you two.

Updates galore!

(The dang thing posted without my written description, so here goes again!)

As it turns out, I’d not known a lot of the in’s and out’s of the fine mechanics of Tumblr. So, I’ve decided to take some time and research a good chunk of specific codes and ways to organize the whole mess of things.

To put it simply, things are going to be organized in two categories:
Ask   -   A place to put questions for Lyra or Navi
Story   -   A chronological record of the story, front to back.

And thats it for now. More will come as needed and I’ll be sure to inform you all about any major changes needed to be made here and there.

As for the story, I am working on getting it started very soon. I’m finalizing some concept art of major points and things needed here and there but I’d rather not say more than that for now. You’ll all know when to tune in and read more!

Lyra: Huh? What portal? Wait…Bonbon? *Navi smacks her in the back of the head*
Navi: I tried to tell you it wasnt her!
Bonbon: Er, yeah, thanks. I think I’m from a different universe, Lyra. But I’m still Bonbon! There’s obviously a few differences, though. Do you do this kind of thing a lot?
Lyra: More than you’d like to hear I’m guessing. Whats it like where you’re from?