“You’re just people like the rest of us. Your blood is red, just like ours.”

Inktober day 25: Chun Hyang
There’s surprisingly little detail in the designs of this manga - I mean it makes sense bc it’s inked in such a rough brush stroke, but after drawing their other designs it just stood out. I mean drawing this weapon didn’t take 12 years off my life so it was very surprising. 


CLAMP 30 day challenge: Day 2
Number of CLAMP series you’ve read/watched


Happy CLAMP Day 2016!!! /// CLAMP Fandom Meme

After a considerable amount of thinking, I thought that it was a shame that the fandom isn’t as lively as others despite there being potential. I mean, how many series has the wonderful CLAMP given us since 1989? The answer is quite a few! So, I hope that this meme can help inspire more graphic editors to get involved (again) in the fandom. While this was made with graphic editors in mind, I do hope that those with skills in other areas of fandom (fanart, fanfics, video editing, etc.) can also be inspired!

This beautiful idea was inspired by @littlebratciel’s meme for the Kuroshitsuji fandom that I have had the pleasure of doing! (Thank you to Polly for letting me her meme as inspiration and the basis for this one!)

  • [5] CLAMP series
  • [5] Relationships
  • [5] Character Development
  • [5] Outfits
  • [5] Motifs/Mythos (ex: sakura, feathers, Hindu mythology, etc.)
  • [4] Series Art style
  • [4] Most Attractive
  • [4] Most Powerful (ex: magical ability, strength, etc.)
  • [3] Happy Moments
  • [3] Sad Moments
  • [3] Worlds/Locations/Setting (ex: Yuuko’s Shop, Tokyo Tower, etc.) 
  • [3] Objects/Weapons
  • [2] Favorite Crossover
  • [2] Non-human Characters
  • [2] Character Backstory
  • [2] Quote
  • [2] Series you want more of 
  • [1] Mascots (ex: Piffle Mascot)
  • [1] CLAMP Appreciation Post


  • Please try your best to be considerate and do not repost or use another person’s work!
  • Please try to use #clampeditmeme as one of your first five tags so we can see what everyone is doing! I may even make a side blog if there is enough interest.
  • While this was made with graphic editors in mind, anyone and everyone are welcomed to join in on the fun! 
  • If you are doing this as a graphic meme, please try your best to make an edit! Again, this meme was created to inspire graphic makers, as such instead of posting old CLAMP artwork/mangascans, do your best to make an edit to showcase your opinion. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words! 
    • If you need a photo editing software, there are plenty of tutorials on tumblr on how to download them. Just look around!
  • You can work in any order you want to! You also don’t have to everything listed above, the list is only there to give you ideas.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns! Just as side note, I will delete all PMs made anonymously, so please try to refrain from doing that. All messages will only be between you and myself, I will not publish them. Happy Editing!!! Oh, and HAPPY CLAMP DAY!