Title: 楚漢傳奇
Eng Title: Legend of Chu and Han / King’s War
Chen Dao Ming as Liu Bang
Peter Ho as Xiang Yu
Qin Lan as Lu Zhi
Angel Liu as Lady Qi
Li Yi Xiao as Concubine Yu
Hu Dong as Ying Bu
Yang Li Xin as Xiao He
Sun Hai Ying as Fan Zeng
Duan Yi Hong as Han Xin
Huo Qing as Zhang Liang
Zhang Jin Yuan as Chen Ping
You Yong as Yong Chi
Kang Kai as Fan Kuai

Previously recognized and praised by a famous composer, LAY from idol group EXO has received a love call from renowned Chinese director Gao Xixi this time.

Gao Xixi made sure to show his interest in Lay by writing a post on his Weibo profile. He managed to arouse attention by saying how he recently got to learn about a talented and hard-working young man named Zhang Yixing who excelled in composing. (Gao Xixi has directed Chinese dramas like ‘Legend of Chu and Han' and ’Three Kingdoms’ - as well as the upcoming movie Difficult Love’ and 'The Glamorous Imperial Concubine’.)

Gao also hinted Lay’s participation and possible future casting by stating: “in my two upcoming movies, you must have a role. I hope you get better and better!”
As it is, Lay reposted the message on his own Weibo profile and expressed his gratitude: “Wow! This is a surprise! Thank you for the recognition Director Gao. Thank you and I hope that we can work together as well wow~~~~~~~ I will continue to work hard~! Thank you.”

Aside from the group’s activities, EXO’s Chinese member Lay has taken it upon himself to show the abilities and strength of S.M’s China Line as a temporary MC on a Chinese music show. Recently, famous composer Yuan Wei Ren also praised Lay’s talents and musical skills.

Furthermore, Lay is currently taking part in EXO’s first tour 'EXO FROM EXOPLANET #1 - THE LOST PLANET.’

trans: fy-yixing | source: tv report