Alterations complete! The effects are subtle but the fit is much better and doesn’t look like a potato sack anymore… Plus I finally finished the gloves! 

But I’m still putting off those shoe covers. I’ll get them done eventually, I swear D;

I need blogs to follow

So, I’m going to put a list of things I reblog/am into, but honestly, you could have none of these on your blog and I’ll still follow you. I don’t even care. I just like seeing what everyone else is interested in :^)

- Harry Potter
- Doctor Who
- Sherlock
- Shakespeare
- Musicals
- Supernatural
- Stranger Things
- Star Wars
- TESV: Skyrim
- LOTR/The Hobbit
- Firefly
- Gravity Falls
- Undertale
- Disney/Dreamworks
- Science in general
- A:TLA and LOK
- Classic Literature
- Various YouTubers
- Art in general
- Some Marvel/DC stuff
- Anime (FMA:B, Ouran Host Club, Robotech, Angel Beats, Black Butler, Sailor Moon, and Soul Eater, Cowboy Bebop…I have a list of ones that I still want to watch)

Anyway, you know the drill, reblog or like this post to get some love

anonymous asked:

If you could find ONE critique of Legend of Korra, what would it be?

Honestly, I would probably critique the finale setup.

Don’t get me wrong; I loved the finale but the ‘gigantic evil robot’ has been done to death and, I don’t know, I expected more from a team that amazing.

i-live-i-die-i-tell-my-story  asked:

Hello! I'm an INFJ and I just wanted to ask what characters you think are of the same type as me?

Sure thing, but also, reminder to everyone I don’t want to create debate, if you disagree with my typing good for you, don’t tell me, sulk in silence.

  • Aaron Burr (Hamilton)
  • Ann Perkins (Parks and Recreation) 
  • Asami Sato (Legend of Korra)
  • Anna Bates (Downton Abbey)
  • Yue (Avatar)
  • Elsa of Arendelle (Frozen)
  • Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
  • Jinora (Legend of Korra)
  • Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)
  • Arianne Martell (A Song of Ice and Fire) 
  • Josephine Montilyet (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
  • Varys (A Song of Ice and Fire)
  • Daenerys Targaryen (A Song of Ice and Fire)

wynonnawhiskey  asked:

Okay could you give me a rundown of Six of Crows? Seeing all of your posts has got me interested and I follow you on Pinterest so I see your character aesthetic boards (which I'm a slut for). I know I could just search it up but I feel like I can get a better sense of the book from one book lover to another.

Where do I even begin?

Six of Crows for me is a blend of His Dark Materials, Legend of Korra and Ocean’s 11. It’s got the incredible winter world building of The Golden Compass, the amazing steampunk worldbuilding and characterization of Legend of Korra and the insane heist plotline of Ocean’s 11. It’s got a very questionable group of people doing the wrong things but ohhh you definitely are rooting for everything to work out perfectly. The best part I think about Six of Crows are the 6 main characters. 

  1. There’s Kaz Brekker, a private and borderline genius scheming manipulative leader, who walks with a cane and hates personal contact. He runs the entire thing and goddamn he’s so smart how.
  2. There’s Inej Ghafa, a lithe and agile spy/assassin/confidant who has a horrible past she’s trying to make the best of, who will make you cry with her story, and who will not hesitate to kill you.
  3. There’s Nina Zenik, a redheaded, fiery, presumptuous, badass Heartrender who can do a bit of magic and who has a large personality and wears her emotions on her sleeve. 
  4. There’s Jesper Fahey, a black queer sharpshooter, who lives recklessly and gambles a lot but is loyal and funny and so badass. He loves his pistols a lot and will whine a lot without them.
  5. There’s Wylan Van Eck, a runaway poet/engineer from a rich family who’s also kinda queer and so brave and shy at first but so integral to the team and very rational.
  6. There’s Matthias Helvar, a former soldier sworn to capture people like Nina but fell in love with her and battles his demons and morals every step of the way. He also takes no shit and is like Bones from Star Trek, skeptical of every single thing.

Six of Crows has wonderful political and social storylines, and it has wonderful parallels to our own world. It’s not some YA dystopian novel, it’s one that really makes you think about ethics, morals, human nature, that kind of stuff. It explores so much diversity in culture and people’s lives, and pairs it with a really cool setting and such a fast paced plot full of backstory that doesn’t weigh down the actual current timeline like backstory’s tend to do. It keeps you on your toes and damn it if you can’t love atleast one of these characters (i love all don’t ask me to choose pls)

anywaysssss I loved it so much I bought the paper copy, which I never do for books I read on my Kindle unless I absolutely loved them. Read it you’ll LOVE it.

jewish-hermione  asked:

Did you do ENFP already because these are super cool?

Haven’t done it so far, but here it is, human puppies ENFPs I know of

  • Ron Weasley
  • Andy Dwyer (Parks and Recreation)
  • The Douche (Parks and Recreation)
  • Finn the Human (Adventure Time)
  • Steven Universe
  • Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan)
  • Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
  • Aang (Avatar)
  • Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)
  • Sera (Dragon Age)
  • Bolin (Legend of Korra)
  • Greg (Over the Garden Wall)

The fact that there was never an animated flashback to Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi’s childhood with Aang and Katara acting as parents will always be one of the biggest injustices of Legend of Korra and I will still be bitter about it on my deathbed. 


“You have indeed felt a great loss, but love is a form of energy, and it swirls around us.  The Air Nomads’ Aang’s love for you has not left this world.  It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love.”

The announcement of the upcoming graphic novel brought up all sorts of old feels, so in commemoration of the continuing story, I decided to break my own heart.  Enjoy.