legend of zelda breath of the wild

okay I’m reeling because the other night I was going on about Celessa? The girl who wants to retrace Zelda’s footsteps? Bae?

So I was just wandering merrily along and decided to pick a fight with a Yiga chick and I NOTICED

that the Yiga aren’t just picking random disguises. They’re impersonating actual travelers that Link might have come across and befriended. Because honestly? My Link followed Celessa around for over a day and saved her from monsters like four times (I was trying to get her to repeat text, okay, just… don’t worry about it). So coming up on Celessa crying and trying to comfort her and then she just straight up attacks you? ICE COLD.


Here’s a different reaction you can get from Brigo if you stand too near the edge of the bridge. I’m not sure what causes him to say this rather than that other bit of dialog, but still I think it’s really neat to see the different text. I actually got this reaction first and then the one I posted yesterday.

It is sorta funny that you can trigger his text by climbing the bridge if you were going to, say raid one of the nearby bokoblin camps, as happened in a great BotW story I read, titled The Watchman at Proxim Bridge. I’m afraid I do drive Brigo batty sometimes, especially the way I zoom past on my horse sometimes or walk carelessly along the rail of the bridge…

In Flight Meal

Link lives by the old Klingon proverb that revenge is a dish best served airborne.




Whoa! A comic! And it’s an annoyingly long post! Sorry about that.

Nothing particularly original about this comic (I’m sure it’s been done a million times before). My Breath of the Wild comics are drawn with the mindset that Zelda is the playable character, not Link *cough* do it Nintendo *cough*. If this comic bummed you out, if it helps any, this comic is a prequel to this sad Zelda comic (where Fi is there for some reason).

Normally it takes me a long ass time to draw a high end comic like this, but I got this done way faster cause I did all the sketching in Photoshop and then did the line art and other stuff in Clip Studio Paint rather than doing the whole comic process in Clip Studio Paint. For the sake of reference, this comic only took a week to draw where as the last time I drew a comic this fancy it took me an entire month.