legend's of the hidden temple

Nickelodeon Studios Florida
December 17, 1998

  • Nickelodeon GUTS: Let's have kids' exercise in so many ways that Sportacus would be screaming
  • Double Dare: Listen up motherfuckers we're making THE ULTIMATE M E S S
  • Legends of the Hidden Temple: Ancient Mayan temples + inaccurate history + fucking up silver monkeys = profit
  • Figure it Out: Kids get prizes for confusing the hell out of celebrities and having a cool life
  • Nick Arcade: V I D E O G A M E S
  • Get the Picture: Look at this fucking screen and fight over connecting dots
Monsta X: Gym Employees

Request: Monsta X as gym employees (like, they all work at a gym and have different jobs there?) hope this makes sense, you’re such a great writer I trust you haha


  • health club manager
  • number one priority is keeping wonho clothed
  • never goes anywhere without his clipboard
  • even though no one has ever seen him actually write on it 
  • nominates minhyuk as employee of the month. every month. 
  • doesn’t realize when girls are flirting with him
  • pitches them membership information instead

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  • personal trainer
  • more like personal flirt
  • works more on his body than his client’s 
  • ends up shirtless at some point every shift 
  • snuck his picture onto the “before and after” cork board
  • and leaves anonymous comments about his progress
  • secretly wishes he worked in the kid’s club

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  • gym kid’s club coordinator 
  • divided the children based on legends of the hidden temple teams
  • claims he doesn’t pick favorites
  • blue barracudas are secretly his favorite
  • lives for dodgeball days
  • religiously attends changkyun’s zumba class 
  • the only one to leave work genuinely happy

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  • spa professional  
  • has never used his free gym membership
  • locked jooheon in the sauna once by accident
  • has seen more naked men than he would like to admit 
  • constantly emphasizing how much he loves his job
  • actually hates his job, but stays to piss off hyungwon 
  • and also flirt with wonho 

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  • front counter 
  • literally has never touched a weight
  • has no idea how the machines work
  • hates everyone that comes to the gym
  • kind of hates himself for taking the job 
  • really just gives no fucks
  • salty that he wasn’t hired as spa professional 

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  • promotion coordinator and membership liaison
  • really not as impressive as it sounds
  • kind of like the gym’s personal hype man
  • tried to give out his mixtape as a signing bonus to new members
  • keeps all of the free merch for himself 
  • brings in pizza and cookies on member appreciation day
  • never realizes the irony 

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  • zumba instructor 
  • all the sweat bands
  • lives for brightly colored workout gear 
  • track list for class was ‘one dance’ by drake for a solid month
  • result: minhyuk was the only attendee after week two
  • comes to work out on the machines at odd hours of the night 
  • has his own parking spot somehow??? 

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i dont know if you guys are aware of this, but i was just researching shit on legends of the hidden temple and i decided to go to its accompanying wiki. this turned out to be the best decision i have ever made; this wiki is on some other shit:

so many of the articles are very judgmental and they seem to all be written by the same person

not only is this wiki extremely opinionated but its also extremely detailed. they have the exact statistics of of every individual round of the show for every single fucking episode. not to mention obscure trivia and connections that i wouldnt even think to make:

i had no idea there was such a hardcore interest in legends of the hidden temple. this whole wiki is just filled with gems


theres also an entire page on the wiki just devoted to the Temple Guards that contains shit like this:

this wiki is so fucking insane and there are hundreds of pages just like this. i strongly suggest that everyone goes to check it out because god damn. also, to the three main contributors of the wiki: yall are god-level


A while back I was lucky enough to test for Steven Universe as a board artist. Above is an excerpt from it. Spoiler alert: I didn’t get the job. But that’s okay! Just gotta do better when the next opportunity comes up. Also, congrats to whoever got it tho!

But not bad for a first try though? Maybe?

PS: It’s a monkey because I really wanted to make a Legends of The Hidden Temple reference. But I had to cut the jokes out for panel restrictions. Haha!

PPS: The Shrine of The Silver Monkey is like the easiest room. I got really frustrated when kids messed it up. It’s only three pieces!

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