legend rangers

The best cartoons I've seen until now

They are sorted alphabetically :3

-American Dragon

-Avatar the last airbender

-Ben 10

-Chip and dale rescue rangers

-Code Lyoko

-Codename Kids next door

-Courage the Cowardly Dog

-Danny phantom


-Foster home for imaginary friends

-Gravity falls

-Hey Arnold

-House of Mouse

-Jackie chan adventures

-Kim Possible

-Martin Mystery

-Miraculous Ladybug

-Moster Allergy 

-My life as a teenage robot

-Proud Family


-Secret Saturdays

-Steven Universe

-Teen titans

-The adventures of Jimmy Neutron 

-Xiaolin Shouwdown


Here’s the Flash/Korrasami/Trimberly phone background as requested. (:
Sorry if this isn’t what you were asking for; I had a little trouble making it seem cohesive but this is what I came up with. Not my best, but if you’d like me to fix anything specific just let me know and I’ll do so. (:

-I do not own any of the drawings used to make this edit; all credit goes to original owners.


Famous Superhero Teams + Year of their 1st appearance

Honorable Mentions: Justice Society of America 1940, Legions of Superheroes 1958, Teen Titans 1964, X Force 1991, Birds of Prey 1995, The Authority 1999, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1999, Justice League Dark 2011, Legends of Tomorrow 2016.

comingupforblair  asked:

What did the Power Rangers cast say about DC/the DCEU?

RJ, Dacre and Becky were asked to choose between dc or marvel and they all picked dc and they said they were excited for justice league and wonder woman. They also said they saw the fan made poster of the live action justice league vs their power rangers and that they thought it was really cool @comingupforblair


Ink Sketches sale!

So I discovered that I have too many ink sketches–they don’t all fit in my little display book for cons!  Oh btw, I’m last minute doing the Jersey Shore Comic Show in a couple of weeks, if anyone’s down in the Tom’s River area March 19th come say hi!

Anywho, these are mostly from Inktobers from the past couple of years–whatever hadn’t sold at the time–and a few others I’ve got lying around.  This is a sweet deal for these ($15 each, 2 or more for $10 each), so if anyone’s interested shoot me an email at m.sciuto@outlook.com!   

Thanks much!