legend of zelda the lost oracle


It’s finally done!

I started this fusion chart of Vijounne (The Wonderful 101), Veran (LoZ: Oracle of Ages), and Lissandra (League of Legends) months ago but lost steam on the final fusion, which you could see I got pretty lazy on.

The theme was blue babes with funky headgear even though Vissandra is more of this pale white, but whatever.


Sheikah kitty, Catalist style for catalistuniverse‘s contest. She is an older warrior, loyal to the royal family and keeper of its secrets. 

Inspired by the Lost Oracles of the Eye. It was the design of those characters that caught my eye and first introduced me to Catalist. When the contest was announced, this instantly came to mind. I only wish I could have done a more dynamic and full body drawing but I had to keep it fairly small due to drawing on my 3DS. I’m just happy to share this design regardless :)

Finally got the chance to properly scan this! The completely adorable and almost harmless four ‘Shadow Links’ from the Oracle Series!

Their names according to their 'glow’: Green=Hono, Red=Hakai, Blue=Hiai, Purple=Zetsubo

They’re lost and asking for directions to the Maku tree but everyone keeps screaming and running away…