legend of zelda bracelet


I crocheted the mask with a size 11 hook and two strands of dmc floss, the cuff is felt, cut to size and quilted over with a Zelda fabric. I cut out just the link panels and lined them up side by side. I tacked it down throughout all of the black lines. The clasp was also crocheted and I used beads I was lucky enough to have in the perfect color combo to keep it closed.


So here’s something a little different.

Made myself a Mipha inspired bracelet becauseIjustlovehersomuchyouguys *gross sobbing*

Would anybody be interested in buying one of these if I made more? Or maybe some other BOTW inspired ones?

Any feedback appreciated!

Edit: Thanks for the interest everyone!! I went ahead and made some more and put them up on my Etsy page, you can find them here:


Please note I did have to alter the design a tiny bit to accommodate average sized wrists.

Also stay tuned for more BOTW-themed bracelets!

i drew this with tri force heroes in mind but then i realized. you carry them around like this in wind waker too oh man

but imagine this: after the earth and wind temples medli and makar ask to be carried around like this All The Time and poor link is too nice to say no

link is. so tired ;;;


In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf had a pretty awesome crown setup going.  I wanted to capture the look and feel of the whole piece and translate it to something a little more useful.  Sure, the crown’s cool and all, but getting your hair to go along with it?  Way more intensive.

So I came up with this.  5 rings, wrist cuff, and matching hand plate.  It might not be the Triforce of Power, but it’ll look just as good on your left hand.  More than fit for a god-king, or the puppetmaster of the Twilight Realm, I’m super, super pleased with how it turned out.


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