legend of zelda : a link between worlds

  • Hilda: Date a boy who looks at you like you’re a masterpiece and makes you feel like art.
  • Ravio: Date a girl who looks at you like you’re a masterpiece and makes you feel like art.
  • Yuga: I shoved a Monet painting up my butt.
  • Ravio: You okay?
  • Yuga: I died.

Have any of you felt like me in that one minute Nintendo was revealing “A Link Between Worlds”. Then, you looked away from it for one minute and suddenly it was released?!?! It was such a weird feeling. No extensive coverage of the game, no big fuss over it and then BOOM BITCHES, here you go! 

And it is one of the best Zelda titles to date.


a collection of alllllll the links i could find in reason. each link has a different name and a different personality. Hopefully this will help everyone

The ones in green are official Links. the ones in blue are still links, but for one reason or another, they aren’t considered “official”

 shout out to the “hero of Men” link mentioned in the Minish, the “ancient hero” in breath of the wild, and the “King shadow” mentioned in the comics. they were almost included but don’t have enough behind them for mention. if more links pop up or people want me to include those links, I will do so. 

Love me some ZELDA 

a really common mistake I see in the LoZ fandom is who is and isnt reborn each zelda game, and while u can do whatever in ur fan art or fan fiction or whatever, i just thought I’d spread the zelda facts B)

-Link is the only one who holds the triforce who is actually reborn. His spirit is specifically a servant to the goddess Hylia, no one else can take that place so he has to be reborn.

-Ganon(dorf) has been the same being. He never dies to be reborn, he’s only ever sealed away for a long time. in some games, its lightly suggested this is driving him insane. He eventually turns into a beast in all timelines (only a lil in the adult line tho) which is probably a result of power hungry corruption and, if u wanna speculate, insanity caused by such a long life span

-Zelda is a name passed on to every first born female of the hyrule family, along with her powers. She’s always an entirely different person but one who shares the same destiny as many of her ancestors. 

I’ve updated my Link tag urself to reflect changes to the timeline.

Tag urself I’m cutie.


Complete Triforce across the ages.

When power, wisdom, and courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down… The power of the gods… The Triforce! He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted!