legend of thunder

I DID IT! They are all done!! 

I kinda want to draw a Zelda doing Zelda stuff too… to sort of wrap up this whole series. But… I haven’t beaten the game yet. I don’t want it to end. I’m sure she does something magical and cool at the end though. Or maybe tragic. Who knows. 

I’ll just start an eevee series in the meantime…

Mipha’s Grace / Daruk’s Protection / Revali’s Gale


Two new theories!

The first involves the parallels between the Divine Beasts of BotW and the grand marvel of the Ancient Cistern: Koloktos, of SS!

Next up, we have *further* evidence solidifying connections between the spiral motif present in both BotW and SS with the “thunder dragon(s)”, and ancient civilizations within Hyrule kingdom.

Editor’s note: Thanks to the brilliant input of a trusted friend, I’ve corrected the Japanese title given for Koloktos from “demon-eating” to “demon-tainted”, as it was a matter of a translation error. Much thanks, Yamikawa!