legend of the seeker cast


Do you have a favorite comic book character you identify with? I am now totally obsessed with all things Black Widow. I went down the rabbit hole a bit of watching Scarlett Johansson’s work in The Avengers and Iron Man. I am also obsessed with her stunt double, Heidi Moneymaker. You can watch her work on YouTube and she’s incredible. - Bridget Regan [x]


So ! If you post : 

- Hunger games + cast 

- Harry potter + cast 

- Game of thrones + cast

- Legend of the seeker ( it’s not usual to find blog about it but still.. i try !) 

- Teen Wolf + cast

- Once upon a time ( Hook, Emma, Captain swan, and Evil Queen) + cast 

- Disney ( Frozen) 

- How to train your dragon

- Glee 

- Johnny Depp and Tim Burton things 

- Grey’s anatomy 

-  Pretty Little liars 

- Funny stuff in general

- None of this but you’re an adorable cutie pie and your blog is worth the follow 

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