legend of the plague doctor

//Ayyyyyyyyyy we did it boiz and grillz

It’s pretty unbelievable how many people like this silly Vayne blog of mine, it’s just some things you cannot explain. But, I am happy you are all hunging around for the randomness, hilarity with the mix of dark themes and wicked seriousness! For that Ima do the thing with a Givaway. C:

Rules you know them yadi yadi yada, you must be following me, don’t be a givaway blog, reblog and like count as one entry. There will be only one winner for this Givaway. The prize of course, I will draw a character of their liking fully coloured. They can send me the details if they want their character in a specific pose or want a specific background, but ya get me. Ya get me?

Right, as usual I will use random.org to pick the peep and the Givaway will be ending on 2nd January. Have fun times and merry jolly Christmas eve, kappa 123 ༼ つ ◥▶ ͜ʖ◀◤ ༽つ